27 Aug 2020

‘Transparent Tribe’ APT Group Deploys New Android Spyware for Cyber Espionage

Kaspersky researchers have been observing the Transparent Tribe, an APT group that has been active since 2013. Kaspersky found that the organization has been utilizing a new mobile malware tool that targets Android devices in its cyber-espionage campaigns. The campaign is largely focusing on victims in India, as the spyware

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25 Aug 2020

Dozens feared trapped in building collapse in India’s Maharashtra state

In India’s western Maharashtra state, building collapse has injured 18, and authorities believe that up to 60 more people are trapped in the rubble. Teams from the National Disaster Response Force have been searching through the remains after a five-story building collapsed in the city of Pune, located in the

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07 Aug 2020

India now has more than 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases

Just three weeks after announcing it had reached 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released a statement that concedes it has reached over 2,027,000 cases of the infectious virus. The country’s healthcare systems have been crippled by the pressure of the escalating pandemic as

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21 Jul 2020

India coronavirus: Nearly one in four in Delhi had Covid-19, study says

A new study that tested the antibodies of a random sample of people suggests that almost one in four Delhi residents have been exposed to coronavirus infection. According to the Indian government survey, roughly 23% of the 21,000 tested had antibodies present in their blood sample. This suggests that India

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17 Jul 2020

India’s Covid-19 cases surge past one million

In the last 24 hours, India has broken its previous record for number of daily recorded COVID-19 cases, reporting nearly 35,000. This leaves India trailing the US and Brazil for most number of cases in the world. India’s current active cases account for roughly one-third of its total tally as

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16 Jul 2020

India virus cases surge nearly 32,700, beach state shut anew

India has been suffering through a new wave of COVID-19 cases, with the total number of infections surging by 32,695 as of Thursday. This brings the nation close to one million total cases. The renewed outbreaks have caused several areas to re-implement lockdown measures, particularly in the western beach state

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10 Jul 2020

Nepal bans private Indian channels for airing ‘false propaganda’

Some Indian news channels will not be available in Nepal for much longer as Nepal’s cable and satellite TV providers have pledged to stop airing channels originating in India that spread false propaganda or skewed news reports. On Friday, one operator stated that the move was in response to public

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26 Jun 2020

India’s social inequalities reflected in coronavirus care

According to recent data and first-hand accounts, India’s health care system discriminates heavily against those of lower economic statuses when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. India’s leaders have promised universal care and testing for COVID-19, however, care options range from severely overcrowded wards at public hospitals to spacious suites

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26 Jun 2020

Satellite images show buildup at site of deadly India-China border clash

New satellite images of the Himalayas show expansion of the Chinese encampment following a deadly clash between Chinese and Indian forces. China appears to have rebuilt and expanded the previously established military camp as a result of border conflicts between the two countries. Mazar Technologies captured the images on Monday,

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17 Jun 2020

India’s Modi responds to ‘violent face-off’ with China over Himalayan border

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken up about a violent face-off in which 20 Indian soldiers died and many more were injured. The clash occurred along a disputed border between India and China high in the Himalayas and consisted of soldiers fighting with fists, stones, and bamboo poles with

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