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India’s top court clears way for women to attend elite military academy

India’s Supreme Court has allegedly set a deadline to determine whether women will be allowed admittance into the country’s elite defense academy for the first time. The decision could potentially open the door to Indian females who wish to achieve high-ranking military positions in a field that has otherwise been dominated by men. The court decided in August that women should be allowed to sit for entrance exams into the academy, known as the National Defence Academy. The school is a highly selective institution that trains cadets for all three branches of the Indian military.

The government had previously requested that the deadline be extended by a year, stating that it needed more time to prepare for potential female students such as creating new fitness criteria, construction of additional dormitories, and the adjusting of current physical courses. On Wednesday, the Indian court decided to uphold its decision and allow women to sit for the exam in November. Therefore, female students may begin attending the academy in 2022.

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