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US-Led Quad Launches New Cyber Group

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) has signaled its commitment to cybersecurity in announcing a new group that will aim to promote best practices and shared standards in the cybersecurity industry. The announcement came after the group met for the first time, comprised of Japan, India, the US, and Australia. The group met to ally against Chinese aggression. The White House gave a briefing on the meeting, stating that the group will cooperate in several areas such as Covid-19, climate change, emerging technologies, space, and cybersecurity. The Quad announced that the group, called the Senior Cyber Group, will look to be a key driver of new initiatives in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity leaders from each country will meet regularly to work between government and industry on pushing continuous cybersecurity improvements and the implementation of shared cyber standards. There was progress on critical and emerging technologies as well, notably a new dialogue that is designed to promote Open RAN deployment. The open standard is regarded as critical in reducing democratic nations’ reliance on Chinese 5G infrastructure.

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