14 Dec 2021

At least 54 dead after gas tanker explodes in Haiti’s second largest city

On Monday, 54 individuals died after a tanker transporting gasoline exploded in Cap-Haitien, Haiti’s second-largest city. Haiti officials addressed the attack, confirming that dozens more were injured as a result of the incident and are receiving medical care. Medical officials issued a public appeal for blood donations due to the

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13 Dec 2021

Hamas ammunition warehouse explodes causing casualties in southern Lebanon

On Friday, a warehouse owned by Hamas exploded at a Palestinian refugee camp located in southern Lebanon. According to Lebanon state-run NNA news, the warehouse was filled with ammunition. Several casualties have been reported. The media outlet stated that the sound of the explosion was audible in the Palestinian refugee

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13 Dec 2021

Seven dead as rescuers find bodies in Sicily blast

At least seven individuals have died after a blast in Siciliy destroyed four residential buildings on Saturday evening. The explosion also forced over 100 people out of their homes in the town of Ravanusa, Sicily. Rescue teams are still searching for individuals said to be missing after pulling four bodies

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01 Dec 2021

Four injured as old bomb explodes near train station in German city of Munich

Four people were injured in Munich, Germany after an explosion caused by an old aircraft bomb exploded. The aircraft bomb was located near a busy train station, according to police reports. The explosion occurred during some construction activity near the Donnersbergerbruecke station. Emergency services assisted with the rescue and medical

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16 Nov 2021

At least three killed as two explosions rock Ugandan capital Kampala

On Tuesday morning, three Ugandan police officers were killed and more than two dozen individuals were injured due to an explosion that occurred in the country’s capital city of Kampala. There were two explosions in the city center within 30 minutes of each other, according to police and journalists. The

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15 Oct 2021

Afghanistan: Explosion strikes Afghan mosque during prayers

More than 90 people are injured and 30 people are dead after an explosion in a Shia mosque in the Afghan city of Kandahar during Friday prayers. The explosion is suspected to be a suicide bombing, but the cause is still unclear. There were three explosions, one at the maind

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16 Aug 2021

At least 20 people killed when fuel tank explodes in Lebanon

At least 20 people have died due to a fuel tank explosion in northern Lebanon, according to reports from the Lebanese Red Cross. The incident occurred in the Akkar region and injured an additional 79 individuals. Lebanon is currently facing a severe fuel shortage that has resulted in extended blackouts

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07 Apr 2021

Iranian ‘spy ship’ damaged by explosion in Red Sea

An Iranian ship, called the Saviz, has been damaged by an explosion that occurred while the ship was anchored off of Yemen’s Red Sea coast. The ship is allegedly used by Revolutionary Guards to spy on foreign entities, according to Iran’sforeign ministry. The blast caused no casualties and is still

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01 Mar 2021

Netanyahu blames Iran for blast on Israeli-owned ship in Gulf of Oman

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly blamed Iran for an explosion last week in the Gulf of Oman. The explosion damaged an Israeli ship, reportedly ripping holes in both sides of its hull. The vessel was a vehicle carrier traveling from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, according to local media

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18 Feb 2021

500 vehicles in flames after fuel tanker explodes on Afghanistan-Iran border

In Afghanistan, more than 500 vehicles on the Iranian border went up in flames after a fuel tanker located at the site exploded, according to local officials. The fire was located at the customs office in Islam Qala, in the western province of Herat. Photos and video footage show tall

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