07 Apr 2021

Iranian ‘spy ship’ damaged by explosion in Red Sea

An Iranian ship, called the Saviz, has been damaged by an explosion that occurred while the ship was anchored off of Yemen’s Red Sea coast. The ship is allegedly used by Revolutionary Guards to spy on foreign entities, according to Iran’sforeign ministry. The blast caused no casualties and is still

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01 Mar 2021

Netanyahu blames Iran for blast on Israeli-owned ship in Gulf of Oman

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly blamed Iran for an explosion last week in the Gulf of Oman. The explosion damaged an Israeli ship, reportedly ripping holes in both sides of its hull. The vessel was a vehicle carrier traveling from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, according to local media

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18 Feb 2021

500 vehicles in flames after fuel tanker explodes on Afghanistan-Iran border

In Afghanistan, more than 500 vehicles on the Iranian border went up in flames after a fuel tanker located at the site exploded, according to local officials. The fire was located at the customs office in Islam Qala, in the western province of Herat. Photos and video footage show tall

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07 Jan 2021

At least 22 killed in attack on Yemen’s Aden airport after new government arrives

On Wednesday, several explosions rocked Yemen’s Aden airport as new power-sharing government officials arrived from Saudi Arabia. The bombs killed roughly 22 people and injured dozens more. All cabinet members have been declared safe, according to a statement made by Yemen Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalek. It remains unclear whether the

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22 Oct 2020

Lebanon Brings Back Hariri as Prime Minister Amid Political Crisis

Saad Hariri, former Lebanese Prime Minister, has been nominated to serve again just a year after his resignation due to popular protests. Hariri’s nomination is risky due to ongoing protests over government negligence and protests seeking an overhaul of the political system following an explosion that rocked the capital city

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02 Oct 2020

Lebanon seeks arrest of ship owner and captain

Lebanon is seeking to arrest the foreign owner and captain of the MV Rhosus, the ship which delivered the explosive material to Beirut years ago, leading to a massive explosion and 190 deaths. The ammonium nitrate was improperly stored at the port and caught fire on August 4. Lebanon’s probe

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04 Sep 2020

Rescue workers in Beirut hope to find survivor in rubble

Lebanese rescue workers resumed operations just hours ago, searching through rubble from a building collapse that occurred during Beirut’s deadly port explosion. The rescue teams continue to search through the remains after they detected a pulsing signal, indicating that an individual could be alive, trapped beneath the material. The blast

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10 Aug 2020

Lebanon in Crisis Amid Ministerial Resignations, Protests Over Beirut Explosion

Over the past several days, three top Lebanese cabinet ministers have resigned. The country is currently on the brink of collapse following extreme pressure from protestors to account for last week’s deadly explosion in Beirut and hold those responsible accountable. The death toll from the blast has reached 300 as

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07 Aug 2020

Rescuers in Lebanon recover more bodies days after blast

In Lebanon, days after a deadly explosion that killed at least 149 and injured thousands more, rescue teams continue to search through rubble and destruction to retrieve more casualties. Beirut’s port was wrecked by an explosion triggered by a fire that caused 2,750 tons of improperly stored ammonium nitrate to

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06 Aug 2020

A Russian ship’s cargo of dangerous ammonium nitrate was stranded in Beirut port for years

Lebanon is still investigating a deadly blast that occurred on Tuesday evening in its capital city of Beirut, however, officials have declared that a massive shipment of agricultural fertilizer was stored in the port without safety precautions for a number of years. The 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate arrived

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