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Kabul mosque explosion kills 21, injures dozens, police say

In Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul, an explosion killed 21 individuals praying inside a mosque for evening prayers. The explosion also injured 33 others. Security forces are currently investigating the incident, according to a spokesperson for the Kabul police chief. The health care organization Emergency reported that it treated dozens of the victims of the blast. The company’s director in Afghanistan Stefano Sozza confirmed that five of the 27 victims treated at Emergency’s Kabul location were minors, one of whom was a 7-year-old boy. Sozza further stated that two of the patients arrived already dead and another died in the emergency room.

A spokesperson for the Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed that there were dead and wounded civilians as a result of the explosion, but did not clarify how many there were. He also released a tweet condemning the violence on behalf of the Taliban government, promising to catch and punish the perpetrators. Sozza stated that in August alone, the Emergency location had managed six mass casualties in its hospital, resulting in almost 80 patients who were victims of mass casualty incidents. These include gunshot, shrapnel, stabbing, IED explosion injuries, and other ailments, according to Sozza.

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