20 Jan 2022

Ransomware Attack on Moncler

Italian luxury brand Moncler has suffered a cyberattack in which cybercriminals stole data and published it on the dark web. The company confirmed the attack on Tuesday, stating that it had suffered from a data breach after being attacked by the AlphV/BlackCat ransomware operation in December. The attack caused a

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11 Jan 2022

Cyber-Thieves Raid Grass Valley

Cyberattackers have hit the city of Grass Valley in California, exfiltrating personal and financial data belonging to vendors, city employees, and their spouses. The City of Grass Valley released a data security notice acknowledging that an unknown actor was able to access some of the city’s internal systems for a

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10 Jan 2022

Cyberattackers Hit Data of 80K Fertility Patients

Attackers were able to steal data pertaining to almost 80,000 patients of Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) after a data breach was detected on February 1 of last year. Although the fertility centers’ security measures were able to safeguard electronic medical records, the attackers were still able to access highly

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05 Jan 2022

Morgan Stanley agrees to $60 million settlement in data breach lawsuit

Morgan Stanley, a US bank and financial services giant, has agreed to pay $60 million after being subject to a class action suit following two data exposure incidents. The cybersecurity incidents involved roughly 15 million current and former clients. According to the suit, legacy equipment was decommissioned in 2016 and

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03 Jan 2022

LastPass Users Warned After Suspicious Login Attempts From Strange Locations

LastPass users have been alerted to a potential cybersecurity risk on the platform that may have compromised passwords, payment cards, and other sensitive data. LastPass, a password management app, detected suspicious login attempts almost immediately, and was able to take action against the unauthorized access. The attacker was allegedly attempting

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31 Dec 2021

Confusing data breach in Rhode Island leads to AG investigation

On Thursday, the Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha announced that he plans to open an investigation into a recent data breach involving the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA). The announcement comes after criticism and controversy over the way the agency handled the incident. Neronha reported that the Rhode

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31 Dec 2021

T-Mobile confirms SIM swapping attacks led to breach

T-Mobile recently confirmed a data breach that was caused by SIM swapping attacks, according to the T-Mo Report. T-Mo Report, a block tracking T-Mobile, obtained internal reports that showed data was leaked from a subset of customers. According to the report, some individuals had their customer proprietary network information leaked,

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28 Dec 2021

Shutterfly reports ransomware incident

Shutterfly, a digital photography company, has reported a ransomware attack that occurred on Sunday. Shutterfly confirmed that portions of the Lifetouch and BorrowLenses business were affected. The company also experienced interruptions with Groovebook manufacturing offices, and corporate systems due to the attack. Shutterfly stated that it had contacted law enforcement

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21 Dec 2021

UK Cyber Cops Share 225 Million Passwords with Breach Site

UK cyber investigators have share 225 million stolen passwords with a popular data breach checking website, offering it the ability to significantly expand its reach. HaveIBeenPwned is a tool for the public that allows individuals to easily check if their phone, email, or password has been involved in a data

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13 Dec 2021

Volvo Hit by Cyber-thieves

Yesterday, Volvo confirmed a cybersecurity breach in which an undisclosed amount of data was stolen. According to reports, the Swedish car manufacturer had research and development secrets stolen by an unknown third party during a cybersecurity incident. Therefore, the quantity of data stolen in the incident was small but its

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