30 Mar 2022

Saudi-led coalition to halt military operations in Yemen as UN urges truce

Late on Tuesday, the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi group in Yemen said it would stop military operations on Wednesday. The announcement followed a UN call for a truce during the holy month of Ramadan. The UN has been working with the two groups, who have been at war since

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09 Mar 2022

Ukraine civilians flee towns near Kyiv after more Russian shelling

Towns near the Ukrainian capital are being fled after Russian shelling has continued. Civilian convoys are due to leave as Ukraine has agreed to a 12 hour ceasefire for six different routes in the war zone, allowing civilians to escape. 10 people died in Severodonetsk and five people died in

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20 May 2021

Israel and Hamas Near Cease-Fire Amid Mounting Pressure

According to those involved in discussions between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, a cease-fire between the two fighting entities could come as early as Friday amid mounting international pressure. Earlier this week, US President Joe Biden stated that he supports a cease-fire between the groups, seeking to bring

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26 Oct 2020

Armenia and Azerbaijan Agree to Cease-Fire After Talks in Washington

After a month of violent clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed to a cease-fire brokered by the US and based on commitments made in Moscow in early October. Both entities have agreed to the cease-fire for humanitarian concerns as several civilian casualties have been recorded. Azerbaijan’s envoy to

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11 Feb 2020

Turkey says it has retaliated after deadly Syrian shelling

Turkey’s officials claim the country has retaliated on Monday after an incident that involved intense shelling by Syrian forces that resulted in the death of five Turkish soldiers. The incident marked the escalation of tensions between the two countries after a similar clash a week prior, in the Idlib province

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31 Jan 2020

Libya’s Warring Factions Resume Fighting in Threat to Cease-Fire

In Libya, a resumption in fighting threatens to unravel efforts to end a decadelong crisis after two warring factions agreed to a cease-fire. The country has been plagued by a civil war for years, and on Thursday pro-government forces stated that they had shot down a Russian surveillance drone over

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