09 Feb 2021

Suspected Islamists kill 10 villagers in eastern Congo

On Tuesday night, suspected Islamist militants killed 10 people in an overnight raid on a village in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, local authorities report. DRC authorities believe that the attacks were the work of the Allied Democratic Forces, a Ugandan group that has been active

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30 Dec 2020

Thousands of Colorado residents without heat after attack on gas service

A criminal investigation has been launched after law enforcement reported an intentional attack on gas service lines in Aspen, Colorado. The incident left thousands of residents and businesses without heat during near zero degree temperatures. Local authorities handed out electric space heaters and worked with residents to maintain liveable situations,

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14 Dec 2020

‘External source’ causes oil tanker blast off Saudi Arabia

An oil tanker off the Saudi port city of Jiddah has exploded early this morning after being hit by an external source. Another vessel has reportedly come under attack amid Saudi Arabia’s lengthy war in Yemen. The attack hit the Singapore-flagged BW Rhine, which had been contracted by the trading

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23 Nov 2020

Yemen rebels claim attack on Saudi oil facility in Jiddah

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for an attack on a Saudi oil facility located in Jiddah on Monday. The Houthi rebels reportedly launched a new cruise missile on the site, just hours after Saudi authorities finished hosting a virtual summit for world leaders. The kingdom did not immediately acknowledge

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03 Nov 2020

Suspect in medieval clothing killed 2 and injured 5 in Quebec City sword attack, police say

According to local law enforcement, a 24-year-old suspect residing in Montreal sporting medieval clothing and carrying a sword attacked residents on Halloween night. The attack left two dead and five others hospitalized. Thus far, law enforcement has not found any links between the suspect and terrorist organizations, however, the individuals’

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02 Nov 2020

Russian Airstrikes Kill Dozens of Turkey-Backed Fighters in Syria, Rebels Say

On Monday, Russian airstrikes killed dozens of Turkey-backed fighters in the region of northwestern Syria. This escalation of violence may risk the ceasefire implemented between the two countries. According to local media sources, a Russian aircraft launched from Syria’s Hmeimim Airbase, conducting one raid firing three ordinances at a training

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27 Oct 2020

At least seven dead in Pakistan school attack

Following an attack on a religious school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, police have stated that at least seven were killed and more than 50 injured. Early reports claimed that four of the dead were children, however, it has been determined by hospital officials that those killed were young

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29 Sep 2020

Paris Knife Attack Near Former Charlie Hebdo Office Is Probed as Terrorism

In Paris, two civilians were critically wounded in a knife attack nearby the former Charlie Hebdo office in which a horrific terrorist attack occurred just five years ago. Prosecutors are now investigating the knife attack as terrorism-motivated, due to its nature and aggressiveness. The assault began when a man with

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04 Aug 2020

Israel Strikes Syrian Military Sites After It Reported Foiling Border Attack

Just one day after Israel reportedly foiled a Syrian militant attack plan, the country has allegedly struck a number of targets in northern Syria that are known military locations on Monday. Israel claims the move was a response to the failed attack on Israeli territory the day prior. According to

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03 Aug 2020

Israel Says It Thwarted Attack Along Its Border with Syria

The Israeli military has claimed to have shut down an attempted attack along its border with Syria. Israeli soldiers claim they fired at four individuals planting explosive devices along the border. Tensions have been increasing over the past several weeks between Israel and the Lebanese based militant group, Hezbollah. According

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