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Syria Accuses Israel of Striking Its Main Commercial Port

The Syrian Defense Ministry has reported that Israeli missiles struck Syria’s port of Latakia on Tuesday, resulting in major damage and large fires. This marks the second such attack on the facility in December alone. The missiles were reportedly fired from the Mediterranean and targeted the commercial port’s container yard. The missiles were launched around 3 a.m. local time, according to state news agency SANA. No casualties were reported from the strikes. The missiles activated Syrian air defenses.

Israel may have been targeting a military consignment, as a Syrian government advisor confirmed that a shipment of military spare parts from Iran was targeted in the strike. Israel does not typically confirm or deny individual strikes in Syria, and has not commented on the latest Latakia attack. In recent years, Israel has regularly launched attacks on Syria likely designed to thwart military threats originating from Iran and its Lebanese ally group, Hezbollah. The attacks were likely designed to prevent the buildup of Iran’s capabilities in Syria. The strikes occurred amid talks between the US, Iran, and other major powers to salvage the multilateral accord.

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