02 Dec 2022

Russia demands annexations recognised before talks

Russia says the West’s refusal to recognize the annexations of parts of Ukraine makes negotiating peace talks harder. The Kremlin is open to negotiations but not on the West’s demand to pull out of Ukraine.  Russia has illegally annexed four regions of Ukraine at the end of September, without controlling

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23 Nov 2022

European Parliament declares Russia ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

The European Parliament has named Russia a ‘state sponsor of terrorism.’ This label comes after Russia’s deliberate attacks and atrocities committed in the war with Ukraine violate human rights and humanitarian laws. The resolution was passed on Wednesday with 494 members voting in favor, 58 against and 44 abstaining.  The

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11 Nov 2022

Ukraine’s Kherson city pullout finished, Russia says

Russia faced another large setback in the war in Ukraine as the Kremlin pulled all of its troops from the western bank of the Dnieper River in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region. All military units were removed by 5 am Moscow time on Friday. Ukraine is in the final stage of

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10 Nov 2022

US estimates 200,000 military casualties on all sides

Estimates by a US general estimates that 100,000 people on either side of the Ukrainian war have been killed or injured. He also suggested that approximately 40,000 civilians have been killed in the conflict. The general also stated that Kyiv is ready to re-enter talks with Moscow. In the past

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09 Nov 2022

Fresh wave of Ukrainian refugees expected as Russia targets power ahead of winter

Eastern European countries have been preparing for an increase in Ukrainian refugees this winter. Russia has been targeting power and heating plants ahead of the colder months, and four million people are already without power. 14 regions and the capital Kyiv are without power and Ukraine’s electrical grid has scheduled

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08 Nov 2022

Microsoft Warns on Zero-Day Spike as Nation-State Groups Shift Tactics

Microsoft has warned of an uptick in zero-day attacks in its latest global threat landscape released earlier this month. The report states that cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure have doubled and now account for roughly 20% of all nation state attacks. Additionally, attacks against critical infrastructure now account for roughly 40%

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04 Nov 2022

Zelensky accuses Russia of ‘energy terrorism’

Russia has made a few gains on the battlefield and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused the Kremlin of energy terrorism. After Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy network, 4.5 million people were left without power. These strikes come as Russian troops are expected to withdraw from the southern city of

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28 Oct 2022

Russia ends civilian pull-out before Kherson battle

According to Russian officials, they have completed an operation to move civilians out of the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, ahead of a battle with Ukrainian forces. At least 70,000 civilians have crossed the Dnipro river. Russia claims to be preparing Kherson for defense,.  The Kherson region was one

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25 Oct 2022

Ukraine Warns of Cuba Ransomware Campaign

Ukrainian authorities have warned of a ransomware campaign targeting Ukrainian organizations. The Ukrainian CERT stated that it has discovered phishing emails that have appeared to be sent from the Press Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Recipients of the phishing emails are prompted to click on a malicious link

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20 Oct 2022

Ukrainians told to ‘charge everything’ as power grid hit by Russia

Ukraine’s national energy company has told citizens to charge all of their devices by 04:00 GMT Thursday because of power cuts expected due to Russian missile strikes. Energy plants were hit by Russian missiles on Wednesday, part of a wave of strikes that have occurred since October 10. There will

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