17 Jun 2021

Ukraine Police Disrupt Cl0p Ransomware Operation

Six members of CI0p have been arrested by Law enforcement officials in Ukraine. CI0p is a ransomware gang that was associated with the cyber attacks on Stanford University Medical School and a breach at Accellion, an enterprise firewall company. The arrests resulted from an international operation with the United States,

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28 Apr 2021

In Ukraine’s East, Fears Grow of New Russian Power Play

Ukraine faces mountain concerns of a new Russian power play as tensions between the two countries continue to increase. Russia has moved significant capabilities to a base just past the Ukrainian border, seemingly preparing to mobilize its military forces for conflict in Ukraine. Since Ukraine declared its independence seven years

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21 Apr 2021

Putin Warns Against Crossing Russia’s ‘Red Line’ Amid Military Buildup Near Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin stated on Wednesday that Moscow will not tolerate any foreign threats amid concerns over a huge Russian military buildup at the border with Ukraine. The buildup has prompted fears of an invasion as the country elevates its capabilities at military bases, seemingly priming for military conflict. The

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20 Apr 2021

Satellite Images Show Russia’s Expanding Ukraine Buildup

New satellite images prove that Russia is advancing its buildup in Ukraine, moving warplanes to Crimea and bases near Ukraine. The buildup seems to be conducted to a greater extent than the country has previously disclosed. The increased capability for political intimidation or military intervention is concerning, according to analysts.

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13 Apr 2021

Ukraine’s President heads to the trenches as Russia masses its troops

Ukraine’s president joined its military force recently to observe the years-long conflict between Ukraine and Russia in action. More than 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died already this year as part of the conflict. Russian troops have been amassing on their side of the border, prompting the US and its NATO

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15 Feb 2021

Police Reportedly Arrest Egregor Ransomware Members

Several members of the Egregor ransomware group have allegedly been apprehended by French and Ukrainian police as part of a serious crackdown on cyber criminals. The suspects were traced through Blockchain analysis after victims of the ransomware conceded to ransom demands and paid the exporters in Bitcoin, according to France

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14 Jan 2021

Europe’s rights court accepts Ukraine case against Russia

On Thursday, Europe’s top human rights court agreed to view Ukraine’s complaint against alleged human rights violations in the Crimean Peninsula. The Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights decided Ukraine’s case against Russia has enough evidence and can be considered. It is unclear when the court will issue a verdict.

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17 Sep 2020

More than 1,000 Jewish pilgrims blocked from entering Ukraine over coronavirus fears

At the Belarus-Ukraine border, more than 1,000 Orthodox Jews await acceptance into the countries for a religious pilgrimage that has been blocked due to COVID-19 concerns. Ukrainian government footage revealed hundreds of men and boys setting up tents along a highway in Belarus, trying to enter into Ukraine. Ukraine’s borders

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18 Aug 2020

Ransomware gang who made $42 million arrested in Ukraine

Earlier today, Ukrainian law enforcement announced the arrest of a cybercrime gang that has allegedly earned more than $42 million from cyberattacks. The group used sophisticated ransomware to encrypt its victims’ data and demand payment for decryption codes, threatening to leak the sensitive information if the ransom is not paid.

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04 Feb 2020

Ukraine: Recordings show Iran knew jetliner hit by a missile

A recently leaked recording of an exchange between air traffic controllers and an Iranian pilot reveals that authorities knew immediately that an Iranian missile was responsible for the downing of a Ukranian jetliner after its takeoff from Tehran. The tragedy, which occurred on January 8, killed all 176 people on

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