06 Aug 2020

U.K. Economy Won’t Make Up Lost Ground Until End of 2021

The UK economy has suffered alongside other European countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures enacted to prevent the spread of the virus. The Bank of England has stated that the economy will take until at least the end of 2021 to recover from an economic contraction

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31 Jul 2020

UK Gov-Funded Projects Aim to Put Britain at Forefront of 5G Tech

Britain has announced that it will be launching a new wave of projects that aim to place the UK in the forefront of 5G technology development. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport will fund the initiative. The department plans to secure funding through a remote music festival that

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21 Jul 2020

U.K. Failed to Probe Alleged Russian Interference in Votes, Report Says

On Tuesday, a UK parliament intelligence committee stated that the British government did not take measures to investigate alleged Russian interference, leaving the country with skewed elections, and poor security practices. In a report, the intelligence committee underlined Moscow’s influence over the UK. The report also questions why the government

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21 Jul 2020

ISC Attributes Cyber-Attacks and Election Interference to Russia

The UK government’s Intelligence and Security Committee has ascertained that Russia is a highly capable cyber-actor who likely interfered in UK elections. The ISC also determined that the UK is one of Russia’s top Western intelligence targets, especially after tensions escalated over Russian aggression. The ISC also warned that Russia

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20 Jul 2020

UK to make changes to extradition treaty with Hong Kong

Britain’s government is planning to make changes in its extradition arrangements with Hong Kong as of Today following an escalation of tensions between China and the UK amid the implementation of China’s new national security law. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly expressed his concerns alongside other leaders that the

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14 Jul 2020

U.K. Makes U-Turn on Huawei After U.S. Pressure

The British government declared that, after pressure from the US, it would ban telecom companies from purchasing new equipment manufactured by the Chinese company Huawei. British authorities stated that agencies had until 2027 to remove the company’s tech from their 5G networks, marking a significant victory for the US in

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13 Jul 2020

UK-China ties freeze with debate over Huawei, Hong Kong

Hostility over China’s new security law for Hong Kong has resulted in ties between the UK and China being frozen. Britain decided to offer refuge to millions of inhabitants of the former UK colony, however, the policy faced criticism from China. Chinese officials have threatened consequences if Britain decides to

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29 Jun 2020

As in U.S., Covid-19 Risk in Britain Is Higher for Minority Groups

In the UK, research shows that some ethnic groups are more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus than the country’s white majority, resembling similar findings in the US that lay bare inequalities in health care between communities. The reason for the disparities, according to experts, is that minority groups in the

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08 Jun 2020

Hackers who hit grid taunt Elexon with dark web files

Hacking group REvii was reportedly behind a May attack on the UK power grid. The group is now offering allegedly stolen material on the dark web after another attack that held part of the network hostage. REvii posted several confidential documents, including financial records and financial records. However, the group

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12 May 2020

The Latest: 8,000 died in British nursing homes in 2 months

According to new data released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, there were more than 8,300 recorded deaths in nursing homes across Britain during the two-month period between March 2 to May 1 that included COVID-19 on the death certificate. This figure does not include deaths in Scotland or

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