26 Aug 2022

Israeli diplomat in Turkey expects ambassador appointment “within weeks”

The re-appointment of an ambassador to Ankara could happen within weeks, according to the Israeli charge d’affaires in Turkey. The official also reiterated that Israel is expecting the Hamas office in Istanbul will be closed down. The appointment of the ambassador may be delayed only because of elections occurring in

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19 Aug 2022

Civilians killed in northern Syria marketplace missile attack

At least 14 civilians were killed in a rocket attack in the town of al-Bab in northern Syria. Dozens others were injured according to the opposition’s Syrian Civil Defense. The town is held by Turkey-backed opposition fighters and the attack came days after an air attack killed Syrian troops and

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22 Jul 2022

Ukraine grain export deal reached with Russia, says Turkey

The deal to allow the exportation of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea will be signed on Friday in Istanbul by Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. There has been a world shortage of Ukrainian grain since Russia’s invasion began and has left millions of people at

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14 Jul 2022

Deal in sight to end Ukrainian grain blockade – Turkey

According to Turkey, talks hoping to resume Ukrainian grain exports blocked by Russia in the Black Sea have reached a deal. This deal raises hope for an end in the blockade and standoff on the exports that left millions at a risk of starvation. Both sides have agreed on ways

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01 Jul 2022

Erdogan warns Sweden, Finland that NATO accession can still be blocked

At the end of the NATO summit on Thursday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip ERdogan warned that Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO could still be blocked. Erdogan said that Sweden has promised to extradite 73 people to Turkey. These people have alleged links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the

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10 Jun 2022

Turkish-backed Syrian forces expect military operation soon

Turkish-backed Syrian opposition forces are expecting a new Turkish military operation in Syria to start soon and has announced they are ready for battle. The Syrian National Army units (SNA) paraded through Azaz, a town in the northern Aleppo province to show preparedness for the operation. The operation has been

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02 Jun 2022

Turkey wants to be called Türkiye in rebranding move

Turkey will now be known as Türkiye in the United Nations from now on. Many international bodies will be asked to make the name change as it is part of a rebranding campaign launched by the Turkish president last year. According to Tayyip Erdogan, Türkiye is the best representation of

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24 May 2022

Turkey’s Erdogan says he will no longer talk to Greek PM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of antagonizing Turkey and has said he will stop talking to the Greek leader as a result. The Turkish President also said he would cancel a meeting between the two countries after he said Mitsotakis recommended to

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18 May 2022

Turkey threatens to block Finland and Sweden Nato bids

Just hours after Finland and Sweden announced that they were considering seeking membership in NATO, Turkey’s president restated his opposition to the move. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the two nations should not attempt to send delegations to Turkey in an attempt to gain membership in Nato and convince

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25 Feb 2022

Greece approves its biggest naval modernisation in 20 years

Greek opposition parties and the Greek government have come together and approved the country’s biggest modernisation in 20 years. 2.26bn euros will be spent over the next four years in Greece to buy three Belharra frigates. These are built by France’s Naval Group and are considered to be state of

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