16 Oct 2019

Turkey-Syria offensive: Erdogan rejects US ceasefire call

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday said that he will “never declare a ceasefire,” in response to calls by the US government to halt the Turkish military campaign in northeastern Syria. “They are pressuring us to stop the operation. They are announcing sanctions. Our goal is clear. We are

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15 Oct 2019

Russia moves to fill void left by US in northern Syria

Russia has deployed troops to northeastern Syria in order to prevent a confrontation between Syrian forces and the Turkish troops that have been moving into the area since last week. The Turkish invasion started after US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of US troops from the area. The Russian

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14 Oct 2019

Syrian army moves to confront Turkish forces as US withdraws

Syrian President Bashar Assad has begun deploying troops to the northeastern part of the country, opening up the possibility of a direct conflict with the Turkish forces that have moved into the region after US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of US troops from the area last week. While

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11 Oct 2019

Turmoil Spreads in Kurdish-Held Syria as Turkish Invasion Enters 3rd Day

Tens of thousands of civilians have fled northeastern Syria since Turkish forced began advancing into the region earlier this week. Turkey claims that the campaigns aims to fight terrorism in the region and to create a “safe zone.” However, analysts say that the regime of President Tayyip Erdogan aims to

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10 Oct 2019

Turkey says 109 militants killed in advance into northeast Syria

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that his forces have killed 109 “terrorists” while advancing into northeastern Syria in order to create a “safe zone.” According to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US ally that was instrumental in defeating Islamic State in Syria earlier this year, Turkish airstrikes

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09 Oct 2019

Pulling of US Troops in Syria Could Aid Assad and ISIS

Analysts warn that US President Donald Trump’s recent decision to pull US troops out of northeastern Syria, could play into the hands of major US adversaries including President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Russia, Iran and the Islamic State. Dareen Khalifa of International Crisis Group said that with the move, Washington

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08 Oct 2019

Turkey says it won’t bow to US threat over its Syria plans

US President Donald Trump on Monday threatened to “totally destroy and obliterate” the Turkish economy if the country does anything “off-limits” in northeastern Syria in the wake of his sudden decision to withdraw US troops from the area. The warning was part of Trump’s defense of the move, which was

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07 Oct 2019

US pulls back troops in northeast Syria, opening way to Turkish attack

The US has begun withdrawing forces from northeastern Syria. Analysts warn that the move will enable Turkey to launch strikes on the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US ally that was instrumental in defeating Islamic State in Syria earlier this year. US President Trump Tweeted that it was too

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28 Aug 2019

Russia strikes deal with Turkey on Syria’s Idlib, says Putin

On the sidelines of Russia’s air show MAKS, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin presented an image of unity on Tuesday, despite their countries’ conflicting interests in Syria. Erdogan criticized the Syrian government for its recent campaign to recapture Idlib from rebel forces, calling it

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12 Jul 2019

Turkey defies US as Russian S-400 missile defence arrives

In defiance of repeated warnings by the United States government, Turkey on Friday accepted a first shipment of parts of a Russian S-400 missile defense system. The US has been urging Turkey for months not to go through with the purchase, and has even put its planned sale of US

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