31 Mar 2020

Coronavirus-themed spam surged 14,000% in two weeks says IBM

Recently, there have been numerous reports of cybercriminals and hacking groups taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. IBM emerged with new information that stated that in the past two weeks, coronavirus themed spam has increased by 14,000%. The report by IBM’s X-Force reveals how much spam has been generated, taking

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27 Mar 2020

Ryuk Ransomware Keeps Targeting Hospitals During the Pandemic

The operators behind Ryuk Ransomware continue to target hospitals amid the recent pandemic, even as organizations are overwhelmed by the number of cases and insufficient medical gear and technology. Last week, BleepingComputer reached out to various ransomware groups and asked if they would continue to target the medical industry, including

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17 Mar 2020

Fake Covid-19 tracker app delivers ransomware, disinformation abounds

Cybercriminals have been capitalizing on the public unrest over the current pandemic, and the onslaught of cybercrime against concerned users is increasing by the day. The most recent scheme discovered by investigators uses a malicious Android tracker app that claims to allow users to track the spread of the virus,

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12 Mar 2020

Ransomware Increasingly Targeting Small Governments

Data shows that in 2019, more than 163 ransomware attacks targeted small governments, including local and county governments. The price of these ransomware attacks totaled at least $1.8 billion, while the cost of recovery totaled an additional tens of millions of dollars. The major issue lies in the fact that

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09 Mar 2020

Ryuk Ransomware Behind Durham, North Carolina Cyberattack

The city of Durham, North Carolina recently shut down its network due to an attack by the Ryuk Ransomware. Ryuk is a ransomware developed by a Russian hacker that gains access to a network when someone opens a malicious email attachment. Upon gaining access, Ryuk is able to permeate network

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05 Mar 2020

Ryuk ransomware hits Fortune 500 company EMCOR

EMCOR, a US-based Fortune 500 company that specializes in engineering and industrial construction services has announced that they were attacked with Ryuk ransomware on February 15. Although details of the attack and the aftermath are not yet public, the message announcing the ransomware infection remains on EMCOR’s website. EMCOR stated

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04 Mar 2020

CISA Issues Alert on Preventing Maze Ransomware Attacks

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued an alert to government and commercial organizations  around the Maze ransomware threat which has been impacting organizations since October 2019.  Included in the alert is a list of IP addresses, domain names, and file hashes that organizations can block in order to prevent successful attacks.

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03 Mar 2020

Nemty Ransomware Punishes Victims by Posting Their Stolen Data

The latest cybercrime operation involving Nemty Ransomware has been stealing victim’s files before encrypting computers and publicly posting the files if the victim does not agree to pay ransom demands. The newest campaign uses a data leak site to punish victims who refuse to pay, and the information released has

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28 Feb 2020

FBI Says $140+ Million Paid to Ransomware, Offers Defense Tips

The FBI stated that after analyzing collected ransomware bitcoin wallets and ransom notes, they have determined that ransomware operators have received roughly $140 million in payments over the last six years. At the RSA security conference earlier this week, an FBI agent explained how he analyzed the collected data to

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26 Feb 2020

Ransomware Attack at US Power Station

The Reading Municipal Light Department, a Massachusetts power station, was hit by ransomware over the weekend, causing its website to be down, however, the attack did not interrupt electricity services and RMLD’s grid remains secure. The company is refusing to meet the attackers’ demands of a ransom payment. The cybercriminals

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