08 Dec 2021

Germany records highest number of daily Covid-19 deaths since February

This week, Germany recorded its highest number of daily deaths from Covid-19 since February. The shocking numbers occurred on Wednesday, as the country struggles to bring the fourth wave of the pandemic under control. In total, 69,601 new infections were reported and an additional 527 individuals dies from the virus.

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30 Nov 2021

Omicron Variant Drives Rise in Covid-19 Hospitalizations in South Africa Hot Spot

The Omicron variant of Covid-19, which emerged in South Africa, has driven a sharp increase in Covid-19 hospitalizations in the country’s province over the past two weeks. However, South Africa reports that fewer patients are being treated for severe disease than in previous surges. There has also been an unusually

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23 Nov 2021

Europe region faces 700,000 more Covid deaths by March says WHO

According to the World Health Organization, an additional 700,000 people could die of Covid-19 in Europe and parts of Asia over the next several months. In the 53 countries that the WHO categorizes as the European region, there are already over 1.5 million deaths. The WHO also warned that intensive

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28 Oct 2021

Moscow launches fresh restrictions as Covid-19 deaths hit record high in Russia

New Covid-19 restrictions have been put into place in Moscow due to rising infection rates and deaths across the country. The Russian capital will enter an 11 day paid holiday that authorities hope with help to stop the influx in cases and deaths. The restrictions came into effect as Russia

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20 Oct 2021

Black market traders cash in on fake COVID-19 vaccination records

Researchers have confirmed that the trend of selling fake Covid-19 related materials such as various cures and fraudulent vaccine cards is still ongoing. Covid-19 has created a divide between those who received a vaccination and those who did not wish to. However, with travel restrictions still in place, some of

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09 Sep 2021

Tanzania secures nearly $600M from IMF for COVID relief

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agreed to provide Tanzania with $567 million in emergency support to help the country finance a Covid-19 vaccination campaign and deal with the health and social costs of the pandemic. The IMF board approved the disbursement on Tuesday under its Rapid Credit Facility and

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25 Aug 2021

US Intelligence Report ‘Inconclusive’ on Coronavirus Origins

US media reports have confirmed that an intelligence report requested by President Biden into the origins of the pandemic has not yielded any significant results. The report, which was inconclusive, sought to determine whether the virus was the result of natural spread from animal to human or if it was

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20 Aug 2021

COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Data Exposed, Fake Vax Cards Circulate

Earlier this week, the Indiana Department of Health issued a notice explaining that the state’s Covid-19 contact tracing system had been compromised. The breach occurred due to a cloud misconfiguration and revealed the names, emails, gender, ethnicity, race, and dates of birth of more than 750,000 users. The incident occurred

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17 Aug 2021

New Zealand Orders Lockdown After First Covid-19 Case in Six Months

New Zealand has announced a new lockdown in its largest city, Auckland, after the first case of Covid-19 in six months was reported. Prime Minister Jacinda Arden stated that the reported infection, a 58-year-old Auckland resident, was likely the more contagious Delta variant of the virus. Due to the nature

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13 Aug 2021

Germany fears thousands got saline, not Covid vaccine from nurse

In northern Germany, more than 8,000 people have been asked to receive repeat Covid vaccinations due to the actions of one nurse. Police are still investigating the incident, however, this nurse is suspected of injecting saline instead of the Covid-19 vaccine in several cases. The nurse worked at a vaccination

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