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Black market traders cash in on fake COVID-19 vaccination records

Researchers have confirmed that the trend of selling fake Covid-19 related materials such as various cures and fraudulent vaccine cards is still ongoing. Covid-19 has created a divide between those who received a vaccination and those who did not wish to. However, with travel restrictions still in place, some of those who are not vaccinated are seeking fake records. There are still numerous cybercriminals who are offering fake Covid-19 vaccine certification focused on US and EU entry requirements. Although the EU offers a vaccine passport that is digital, the US’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention issues them in paper format.

Underground forum posts advertise fake certificates along with anti-vaccine slogans and ideas. One advert read that they were selling fraudulent government documents to help those that wish to travel urgently. One forum is offering counterfeit CDC cards, while another uncovered by researchers is offering EU documents.

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