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France to drastically restrict travel from UK

France is planning on renewing Covid restrictions for travelers arriving from the UK in an attempt to slow the spread of the Omicron variant. On Saturday, the French prime minister’s office stated that travelers from the UK would have to provide a compelling reason for entering France. In addition, all arrivals will be required to provide a negative Covid test taken within 24 hours of arrival and isolate for at least two days. Cases of the Omicron virus are currently much higher in the UK than in France. French citizens and legal residents traveling won’t need a reason, but must still abide by the other rules designed to crack down on the Omicron outbreak.

On Wednesday, the UK recorded 78,610 cases of Covid-19, the highest daily number reported since the start of the pandemic. Only 10,000 have been confirmed as Omicron, however, it is believed that about 20,000 are actually cases of the new variant. France reported 65,713 new Covid cases during a similar period, however, it only has 240 confirmed cases of the new variant. Jean Castex’s office released a statement expressing concern over the challenges the UK will face in regards to the Omicron variant due to the already fast-paced spread.

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