04 Dec 2020

Britain assembles a new cyber force of soldiers and spies

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain, announced on November 19 that the country would be investing in its biggest defense venture since the Thatcher era. The funding, roughly $8.7 billion, will go towards a new program that seeks to combine its intelligence forces and push technological advancements within the military.

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20 Nov 2020

Raytheon Employee Jailed for Exporting Missile Data to China

Wei Sun, a former Raytheon employee, has been convicted in the United States on charges related to exporting sensitive military data to China. Sun was an electrical engineer for Raytheon for a decade. This past February, Sun pled guilty to violating the Arms Export Control Act by taking a Raytheon-issued

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16 Nov 2020

AI, ML Tech ‘Needed Today’ to Enhance Decision-Making Process at the Edge, DOD Officials Say

Earlier this week, Pentagon officials announced that they were seeking ways to capitalize on the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence for automating the decision making processes from a tactical standpoint. In 2019, the Defense Department released a digital modernization strategy that highlighted the uses of AI and machine

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30 Oct 2020

China’s military rise poses the greatest foreign policy challenge to the next US President

The Pentagon, in 2018, named China and Russia as the two countries posing the most significant rivals to the US military. Now security professionals claim that this has only grown more true as the countries develop their own military capabilities matching that of the United States’. Beijing’s modernization helped to

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23 Sep 2020

India and China agree to stop sending troops to disputed Himalayan border

On Monday, India and China entered into an agreement in which both sides pledged to stop sending more troops to the disputed Himalayas border after increased tensions between the two powers that led to bloodshed. Indian and Chinese military commanders met to discuss the stabilizing of tensions along the border,

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10 Sep 2020

Myanmar soldiers confess to mass murder of Rohingya Muslims in new video

A new video released through a human rights group includes the confessions of two Myanmar military deserters who allegedly perpetrated the mass killing and rape of Rohingya Muslims in 2017. The footage of the soldiers represents the first admission by former members of the Myanmar military detailing operations that specifically

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24 Aug 2020

Burkina Faso army blamed for extrajudicial torture, deaths

Burkina Faso’s army has been accused of beating, shooting, and torturing men from the eastern town of Tawalbougou in late June, claiming that the men were supporting Islamic extremist rebels. Of the dozen men taken, only five survived while the other six were shot and killed. The families have been

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11 Aug 2020

China increases military drills as tensions with US heat up

Over the past few weeks, China has been increasingly holding military drills around East Asia, putting on a public display of its military capabilities. The US and China have experienced rising tensions over the past several months, which were only elevated by Washington’s military activities and the visit of a

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04 Aug 2020

Israel Strikes Syrian Military Sites After It Reported Foiling Border Attack

Just one day after Israel reportedly foiled a Syrian militant attack plan, the country has allegedly struck a number of targets in northern Syria that are known military locations on Monday. Israel claims the move was a response to the failed attack on Israeli territory the day prior. According to

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29 Jul 2020

US is bringing 6,400 troops home from Germany

On Wednesday, US defense officials outlined a plan to bring 6,400 troops home from Germany and shift roughly 5,400 others to different countries in Europe. The plan will cost billions of dollars and take several years to fulfill. The announcement comes after President Trump stated his desire to withdraw troops

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