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Pentagon Accelerates Withdrawal From Afghanistan

The United States has reportedly sped up its withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan and intends to be removed from the country completely by early to mid-July, alongside its NATO allies. US President Joe Biden originally planned a September 11 withdrawal deadline, however, the process has accelerated. However, while the race to exit the country has picked up steam and progress is made at a rapid pace, the United States is grappling with unresolved issues that are now also being rushed. The Pentagon has not determined how it will combat terrorist threats from outside of the country when there is no American presence in Afghanistan.

Defense Department officials have also not been able to secure an agreement from allies about repositioning American troops in other nearby countries. Administration officials are also debating whether American warplanes will provide air support to Afghan forces. Along with withdrawal comes significant foreign policy deliberations that could risk a resurgence of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan or other severe global risks.

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