21 Sep 2022

Myanmar army helicopters fire on school, killing six

At least 17 children were wounded and six children were killed in Myanmar when army helicopters shot at a school on Friday. The military said it opened fire because rebels were using the school building to attack its forces. The military admitted to opening fire on the school on Tuesday,

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10 Aug 2022

China says Taiwan military drills are over after Pelosi visit

China has announced that a week of military drills that occurred around Taiwan are finished following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the self-governing island. China’s military announced that the sea and air operations were successful. These groups have vowed to keep patrolling the Taiwan Strait, threatening Taiwan’s sense of autonomy. Nancy

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28 Jul 2022

Kim Jong-un says North Korea ready to mobilize nuclear forces

In a claim made at a Korean War anniversary event, Kim Jong Un announced North Korea is ready to mobilize its nuclear war deterrent and is fully ready for any military confrontation. There are concerns that North Korea is preparing for a seventh nuclear test, one that the US has

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27 Jul 2022

US Doubles Reward for Info on North Korean Hackers

The US government has ramped up the reward for providing information pertaining to North Korean state-linked hackers to $10 million, which may indicate that its efforts thus far have proved unsuccessful. In March of 2022, the State Department’s Rewards for Justice scheme announced a $5 million reward for information, meaning

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06 Jun 2022

14-year-old Palestinian shot and killed by Israeli forces, says Palestinian health ministry

The Palestinian health ministry has confirmed the death of a 14-year-old Palestinian boy who was shot and killed by Israeli forced in the West Bank town of Bethlehem on Friday. The family of the victim stated that the boy was walking to his grandparents’ house when he was shot. The

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23 May 2022

Iran vows revenge after Revolutionary Guards colonel is assassinated

Following a deadly attack against a high ranking official in the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), Iran’s President has promised to take revenge. Colonel Sayad Khodai was killed on Sunday in Tehran while he was sitting in his car outside of his home. Iranian officials reported that two gunmen on

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28 Apr 2022

Microsoft says Russia has launched hundreds of cyberattacks against Ukraine

Microsoft released a report warning that six Russian state-sponsored hacking groups have launched over 237 cyberattacks against Ukraine since the February 24 invasion. The in-depth report explains the correlation between the cyberattacks and significant military operations within the country. One example provided by Microsoft occurred on March 1, when several

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27 Apr 2022

DJI temporarily suspends operations in Russia and Ukraine

Earlier this week, Chinese done maker DJI released an announcement stating that it was suspending its operations in Russia and Ukraine as it internally reassesses compliance requirements. DJI also reported that it would be working with its partners and customers regarding the suspension of business. The company stated that it

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21 Apr 2022

Taiwan investigates local TV network after it aired false reports of Chinese invasion

The Taiwanese government is reportedly investigating a local TV news station over alarming false reports aired on the channel. The false reports concerned a Chinese invasion against the autonomous island, which is already on edge under the threat of Chinese interference. The government-affiliated Chinese Television System (CTS) aired the fake

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19 Apr 2022

Israel Airstrikes Hit Gaza After Rocket Fire

Early Tuesday morning, Israel conducted airstrikes in Gaza, a move that officials state is response to a rocket fired from Palestinian territory. The fighting raises fears of a wider conflict amid tensions that have been growing over the past several months. Earlier this week, there were several instances of conflict

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