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Putin Warns Against Crossing Russia’s ‘Red Line’ Amid Military Buildup Near Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin stated on Wednesday that Moscow will not tolerate any foreign threats amid concerns over a huge Russian military buildup at the border with Ukraine. The buildup has prompted fears of an invasion as the country elevates its capabilities at military bases, seemingly priming for military conflict. The warning was conveyed at the annual state of the nation address, during which Mr. Putin accused other nations of unfairly targeting Russia. Mr. Putin cautioned against crossing a “red line” in regard to the nation, however, he did not clarify where that line was drawn.

Mr. Putin went on to state that although he did not want to risk or terminate relationships with other countries, if Russia’s good intentions are mistaken for indifference he plans to take significant action, responding swiftly and harshly. The mounting cease-fire violations, heated rhetoric, and military buildup on behalf of Russia towards Ukraine have ultimately led many to believe that escalating military conflict is in the near future. Officials estimate that Russia has deployed between 80,000 and 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s border.

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