25 Oct 2019

Study Reveals the Worst State for Online Privacy

A new report by Comparitech identifies Wyoming as the worst US state in terms of laws governing the online privacy of citizens. The study checked for the presence of privacy laws covering 20 criteria. In Wyoming, only one of those criteria was met. The state was followed by Idaho, Iowa,

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18 Oct 2019

New US Privacy Bill Would Intro Jail Time for CEOs

Democratic US Senator Ron Wyden has introduced new privacy legislation that aims to establish a national “Do Not Track” system empowering users to prevent organizations from tracking their online activities and profiting off of their personal data. Under the bill, companies who violate user privacy could receive fines of up

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01 Oct 2019

Senate Passes Bill Aimed At Combating Ransomware Attacks

The United States Senate recently approved the “DHS Cyber Hunt and Incident Response Teams Act,” which aims to help local governments and private companies fight ransomware infections and other cyberattacks by enabling the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to set up “incident response teams” that can assist organizations under attack.

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29 Jul 2019

New York updates its breach notification law in response to Equifax, GDPR

From March 2020, New York state legislation will require organizations to notify people whose email address was compromised in a data breach together with authentication credentials (password and/or security questions and answers) “in the most expedient time possible and without unreasonable delay,” which in practice means within 30 days. The

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03 Jul 2019

US wants to isolate power grids with ‘retro’ technology to limit cyber-attacks

The United States is close to starting a two-year pilot program aimed at bolstering the security of the power grid by making use of analog technologies. The program is part of the Securing Energy Infrastructure Act (SEIA) that has already been approved by the Senate, but still needs to pass

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26 Feb 2019

Congress considers a national standard for data privacy

This week, the US Congress will consider the establishment of nationwide data privacy rules.  A Tuesday hearing of the Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee, which is part of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, will be devoted to the issue, and on Wednesday it will be debated by the Senate

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22 Feb 2019

The cybersecurity legislation agenda: 5 areas to watch

The growing cyber threat to organizations, government agencies and society at large, has made cybersecurity one of the main priorities of the 116th US Congress. During the first weeks of the new congress, 30 pieces of cybersecurity legislation have been introduced in the House of Representatives, while the Senate was introduced to

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