17 Jan 2020

Lawmakers Working on Legislation to ‘Pause’ Use of Facial Recognition Technology

House lawmakers and their constituents are increasingly wary of the government’s use of facial recognition technology, prompting lawmakers to push for legislation that would halt its progress. As Congress and federal regulators are assessing how the tech is being used now, legislation to place restrictions on its use is underway.

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12 Jan 2020

House Passes Trio of 5G Security Bills

The House of Representatives passed a trio of bills earlier this week, aiming to secure 5G wireless networks and technologies. The bills are bipartisan and arrive amidst the increased risk of cyberattacks arising from conflict with Iran. The Secure 5G and Beyond Act was introduced in May of 2019 and

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09 Jan 2020

Senator unveils bill to stop the US from sharing intel with countries using Huawei 5G

Senator Tom Cotton introduced legislation that seeks to prohibit the United States from sharing intelligence with countries allowing the Chinese company Huawei to operate 5G technologies. The legislation, which was introduced earlier this week, would have a major impact on both the US foreign policy and on Huawei. The legislation

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19 Dec 2019

Senators introduce K-12 Cybersecurity Act

Two US senators asked the Department of Homeland Security for their support on a recent bill, the K-12 Cybersecurity Act of 2019, which aims to effectively manage the threat of ransomware and cyberattacks. The bill would establish guidelines that improve school cybersecurity systems. The senators stated that school systems are

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16 Dec 2019

New bill gives this Homeland Security agency authority to get ISP info

A new bipartisan bill introduced on December 12 would grant the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber unit access to ISP information on customers that CISA has identified as “operating vulnerable critical infrastructure.” The CISA would also have the ability to subpoena ISPs for customer information. The CISA would obtain the

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04 Dec 2019

Putin signs new “foreign agent” law that could help him silence even more voices

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed laws that allow Russian authorities to declare individuals associated with media production as foreign agents. This expansion of power adapts the “foreign agent” legislation from 2012 that could be used to silence dissenting voices. The bill has been widely criticized by many human rights

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20 Nov 2019

Congress Reaches Deal to Fight Robocalls

Committee-leading lawmakers in the House and Senate announced earlier this week that they are working on bipartisan comprehensive legislation to end robocalls. Robocalls are pre-recorded messages that target consumers and can be dangerous, scamming the recipient into handing over information. Congress members noted that roughly 26.3 billion calls were made

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01 Nov 2019

Why The EU Is About To Seize The Global Lead On Cybersecurity

In the past six months, the European Union (EU) has made significant strides toward manifesting itself as a global leader in terms of cybersecurity regulation, Global Cyber Risk CEO Jody Westby believes. Among the EU’s major accomplishments in this area are the establishment of cybersecurity requirements for critical infrastructure firms

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25 Oct 2019

Study Reveals the Worst State for Online Privacy

A new report by Comparitech identifies Wyoming as the worst US state in terms of laws governing the online privacy of citizens. The study checked for the presence of privacy laws covering 20 criteria. In Wyoming, only one of those criteria was met. The state was followed by Idaho, Iowa,

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18 Oct 2019

New US Privacy Bill Would Intro Jail Time for CEOs

Democratic US Senator Ron Wyden has introduced new privacy legislation that aims to establish a national “Do Not Track” system empowering users to prevent organizations from tracking their online activities and profiting off of their personal data. Under the bill, companies who violate user privacy could receive fines of up

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