22 Mar 2022

Senator Warren’s Bill Will Hurt Crypto, Not Russia

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is seldom reserved with her distaste for the crypto industry. Name any common criticism of Bitcoin, and she’s probably shared it already: volatility issues, environmental damage, ‘shadowy super coders’, and what have you. I won’t claim that her criticisms are entirely invalid (though I’ll cover those later), but

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15 Oct 2021

Poland passes legislation allowing migrant pushbacks at border

Poland’s parliament passed legislation on Thursday that aims to legalized pushbacks of migrants across its borders according to human rights advocates. This legislation is contradictory to the country’s commitments under international law. Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have had in increase in migrants from countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.  Rights

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28 Jul 2021

Under pressure, Iranian MPs postpone internet restriction bill

Iran’s parliament has suspended its review of a highly controversial bill that would lead to heightened internet restrictions within the country, according to citizens and businesses. The bill was first proposed three years ago and is titled the Protecting Users in Cyberspace and Organizing Social Media Act. However, despite the

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06 Jul 2021

House Bill Would Require Government to Drastically Modernize Digital ID Verification

A new bipartisan House bill would enable federal agencies to collaboratively revamp the security infrastructure that secures Americans’ digital identifies online, seeking to modernize digital ID verification. The bill, called the Improving Digital Identity Act, was introduced this week by a number of Representatives from both sides of the aisle.

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18 May 2021

Senate Bills Aim to Grow Federal Tech-Ready Workforce—and the Government’s Transparency About its AI Use

Two new proposals have been introduced to the Senate that aim to accelerate the study, fielding, and purchase of artificial intelligence capabilities across different government agencies and the military. The legislation also looks to ensure that the government is transparent about its deployments of the technology, which can be contentious

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10 May 2021

Ransomware Takes Down East Coast Fuel Pipeline

The US government has issued emergency legislation following a ransomware attack that impacted the country’s largest fuel pipeline, the Colonial Pipeline. Over the weekend, the pipeline confirmed that it had suffered from a serious cyber-attack that resulted in some of its services being taken offline. The infrastructure attack is the

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23 Apr 2021

Lawmakers Propose More Than $100B for Federal Tech-Driving Investments

More than 20 lawmakers from both parties and chambers came together to call for the creation of a Technology and Innovation Directorate within the National Science Foundation, proposing that $100 billion over five years should be allocated to the section to ensure that the US maintains a competitive edge when

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16 Mar 2021

Facebook to pay News Corp for content in Australia

Following the passing of controversial legislation in Australia that aims to make tech platforms pay for news content, Facebook has agreed to pay Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia. News Corp has not disclosed the value of the three-year contract in Australia. The organization also secured a global deal with Google

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11 Mar 2021

Proposed Bill Would Allow Americans to Sue Foreign Cyber-Actors

A new bill introduced in the House of Representatives earlier this week proposes that US citizens be able to seek monetary compensation in the event of a foreign cyber-attack on them or their assets. The legislation is titled the Homeland and Cyber Threat Act also referred to as HACT. The

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09 Mar 2021

Virginia Passes New Data Protection Law

Virginia just adopted a new data protection law that is set to go into effect on January 1 of 2023. The law is titled the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) and will require businesses and people conducting business within the state to comply with updated data security and privacy

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