Senator Warren’s Bill Will Hurt Crypto, Not Russia

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is seldom reserved with her distaste for the crypto industry. Name any common criticism of Bitcoin, and she’s probably shared it already: volatility issues, environmental damage, ‘shadowy super coders’, and what have you. I won’t claim that her criticisms are entirely invalid (though I’ll cover those later), but they’ve become predictable to the point of comedy. Her reputation in the crypto community has entered the ranks of people like Peter Schiff, who have so firmly established themselves as crypto skeptics that they can no longer be expected to abandon the role. Not even when faced with logic or evidence. Of course, there are two key differences between these individuals. Firstly, Schiff simply doubts crypto’s investment potential, whereas Warren challenges the ethics of the technology itself. Secondly, Warren drafts Federal law for the United States. Schiff does not. It shouldn’t surprise anybody, then, that Warren is now behind one of the greatest, unreasonable, and uncalibrated legislative threats the crypto industry has ever seen. One which reads as if it were designed to hurt as many blockchain network participants as possible rather than to actually help anybody.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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