06 Aug 2020

A Russian ship’s cargo of dangerous ammonium nitrate was stranded in Beirut port for years

Lebanon is still investigating a deadly blast that occurred on Tuesday evening in its capital city of Beirut, however, officials have declared that a massive shipment of agricultural fertilizer was stored in the port without safety precautions for a number of years. The 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate arrived

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05 Aug 2020

Beirut Explosion Kills at Least 100, Injures Thousands

On Tuesday evening, the city of Beirut, Lebanon, suffered from a massive explosion as a result of improperly stored ammonium nitrate near Beirut’s port. The explosion was likely triggered by a fire which caused the highly explosive material in the warehouse to ignite. At least 100 have died and thousands

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18 Jun 2020

Nationwide protests grip Lebanon as currency tanks

In Lebanon, anti-government protestors took over streets in multiple cities, setting up burning barricades and forcing road closures as the country enters a deep economic crisis and the currency is tanking. Some protestors largely hold the political elite responsible for the economic crisis, gathering outside their residences to chant against

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12 Jun 2020

Lebanon protests escalate as currency dives

In Lebanon, protests have ensued for several days, escalating over time, after they were paused for three months due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Hundreds of people have taken to the streets across Lebanon as the country fights the collapse of its currency. Public unrest has skyrocketed as the Lebanese pound

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01 May 2020

Protesters in Lebanon Demand Economic Relief as Coronavirus Lockdown Eases

This week, Lebanon began to reopen businesses and return to normal life after a pandemic lockdown, however, protestors have taken to the streets to demand economic relief from the country’s deteriorating economy. This is the first sign of a violent backlash following the weeks Lebanon spent under lockdown. On Tuesday,

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21 Apr 2020

US citizens in Lebanon decline repatriation offer, saying it’s ‘safer’ in Beirut

Several US citizens in Beirut have spoken out about declining repatriation offers from the US, citing skyrocketing cases in the US and claiming that Lebanon may be safer. Last week, the US government announced that it would fly its citizens and permanent residents back to the US on chartered flights.

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22 Jan 2020

Lebanon protests: New government ends months of deadlock

Lebanon’s installation of a new government marks the end of months of deadlock that crippled the country’s economy. Saad Hariri resigned as prime minister of Lebanon in October as a result of mass protests over government corruption. The Hezbollah movement within the country made moves to chose university professor, Hassan

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19 Dec 2019

Protests Paralyze Lebanon’s Search for New Prime Minister

An increase in Lebanon’s protests has proved detrimental to the country’s search for a new prime minister as political gridlock promotes economic crisis. On Monday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun postponed a series of meeting with parliament members who were likely to elect Saad Hariri as the new prime minister, despite

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18 Dec 2019

Shiite groups’ supporters clash with security forces in Beirut, opening a new chapter in Lebanon’s crisis

Lebanese security forces clashed with protesters in Beirut on Monday and Tuesday, using tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons against demonstrators gathered near a bridge. In the past few months, anti-corruption protests have plagued Lebanon’s security and stability, however, this group of protesters were supporters of two Shiite groups

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27 Aug 2019

Israel Appears to Attack Four Countries in Two Days, Bombing Iran’s Allies Across Middle East

Tensions in the Middle East have surged since last weekend as the result of Israeli attacks on targets in four different countries, all of them allied with Iran. While the Israeli military recently claimed strikes on targets in Syria and the Palestinian-administered Gaza Strip, it is also thought to be

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