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Lebanon is days away from a ‘social explosion,’ prime minister warns

According to Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, the country is just days away from a disaster. The country’s economic crisis has deepened, with the local currency losing 90% of its value and 77% of households experiencing food shortages, according to the UN. Mr. Diab made the remarks during a meeting with ambassadors and diplomats on Tuesday. Diab appealed for international support to help save the country before the situation worsens further. According to local media reports, Lebanon’s population has been gathering in long lines at gas stations, attempting to buy fuel as residents struggle with power outages of up to 22 hours a day. The country is also facing severe medical shortages at this time.

 Diab called on royalty, presidents, and leaders of ally countries to come forth and help rescue Lebanon from the crisis. He also asked the United Nations and other international organizations to consider economic and humanitarian assistance. Diab has been serving as Prime Minister in a caretaker capacity since resigning in the wake of the catastrophic Beirut port explosion in August of last year. Since his resignation, sectarian politicians have been unable to reach an agreement on a new government. Diab also stated that the lack of a cabinet meant that talks with the International Monetary Fund were not viable.

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