27 Sep 2021

More than 130,000 malicious IP addresses were blocked during Census 2021

According to Amazon Web Services, more than 13,000 malicious IP addresses were blocked during a successful Census 2021. The IP addresses were blocked to ensure that no breaches or interruptions were experienced during the Census. AWS stated that the company undertook extensive DDoS tests before the operation to ensure that

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05 May 2021

This massive DDoS attack took large sections of a country’s internet offline

In Belgium, a huge distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack allegedly took down the websites of more than 200 Belgian organizations, including those in the government, education, and research industries. The attack began at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, overwhelming the websites with traffic and rendering the public-facing website front unusable

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19 Oct 2020

Google Reveals it Was Hit by 2.5Tbps DDoS

On Friday, Google publicly disclosed for the first time a Chinese nation-state DDoS campaign targeting the tech giant in September of 2017. The attack consisted of 2.5Tbps, making it the biggest of its kind ever recorded. The attack was the finale in a six-month campaign against the company, according to

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30 Sep 2020

4.83 million DDoS attacks took place in the first half of 2020, a 15% increase

Cybersecurity firm Netscout revealed in a recent report that DDoS attacks soared in the first half of 2020, with attackers honing in on healthcare, e-commerce, and educational services all linked to COVID-19. The DDoS attacks observed in the first half of 2020 exhibited threat actors deploying sophisticated, high-throughput attacks designed

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11 Aug 2020

DDoS Attacks Cresting Amid Pandemic

The latest Kaspersky quarterly DDoS attacks report highlights a huge spike in denial-of-service attacks in the second quarter of 2020. As people continued to work from home amid the pandemic, DDoS attacks became even more popular and were up by 30% compared to the first quarter of 2020. When compared

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05 Jun 2020

DDoS-ers Target Black Lives Matter Groups

The US Black Live Matter protests that have sparked over the past week have also drawn the attention of malicious threat actors, who attempted attacks on several right groups over the past week. According to web security firm Cloudflare, the analysis of malicious HTTP requests month to month showed an

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03 Jun 2020

Hackers and hucksters reinvigorate ‘Anonymous’ brand amid protests

Anonymous is well known for its effective hacktivism through Denial of Service DDoS attacks that make strong statements and temporarily shut down sites and payment processors. The group has been off the grid for roughly three years but has since been accredited for cyberattacks against the Minneapolis police department and

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09 Apr 2020

New IoT botnet launches stealthy DDoS attacks, spreads malware

A new botnet is reportedly actively targeting IoT devices through the use of payloads compiled for a dozen CPUs. The botnet uses these payloads to launch different types of DDoS attacks and spread malware. The botnet has been named the Dark Nexus by researchers at Bitdefender after they discovered it

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17 Mar 2020

U.S. Health Department Site Hit With DDoS Cyber Attack

Bloomberg first reported that the United States Health and Human Services Department’s web site suffered from a DDoS cyberattack on Sunday night. This took the entire site online in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has spiked the search for HHS information dramatically over the past several weeks. On

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25 Feb 2020

FBI Arrests Man on Political Cyber-attack Charges

On Friday, the FBI arrested 32-year-old Arthur Dam on charges of masterminding a series of DDoS attacks that targeted an opponent of former congresswoman Katie Hill. Dam was arrested over suspicion of cyber attacking the websites of Hill’s rival in April and May of 2018, causing the website to be

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