12 Jul 2021

Europe Makes the Case to Ban Biometric Surveillance

Recently, the European Data Protection Board, tasked with helping countries implement GDPR consistently, has called for a total ban on utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to conduct facial recognition. The European Data Protection Supervisor joined the former entity in making a push for a ban on the controversial technology. The

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22 Jun 2021

Fifth of Google Play Apps Violate Child Protection Law

A recent study by consumer rights firm Comparitech found that one in five apps available on the Google Play Store that are designed for children break federal law regarding child protection. Comparitech analyzed the top 300 free and top 200 paid apps on the marketplace under the children and family

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31 Mar 2021

Intel Sued Under Wiretapping Laws for Tracking User Activity on its Website

A class-action suit in Lake County, Florida, alleges that Intel unlawfully intercepted communications without user consent. The claim is backed by the usage of analytics technology on Intel’s company website. Intel capitalizes on session-replay software to capture the interactions of people visiting the corporate homepage, a violation of user rights.

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16 Mar 2021

Judge Upholds Privacy Lawsuit Against Google

A judge has upheld a lawsuit brought against Google in June of 2020 alleging that the tech giant has violated consumer privacy by failing to halt the gathering of personal data when users turn off data collection or operate in “incognito mode” when browsing the internet. According to the complaint,

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04 Nov 2020

Police launch pilot program to tap resident Ring camera live streams

A new pilot program will take place in Jackson, Mississippi, and allow law enforcement to utilize private surveillance devices as part of criminal investigations. The program’s trial will last 45 days and uses technology provided by IT consultancy firm Pileum and cloud-based video sensor producer Fusus. Up to five city-owned

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17 Mar 2020

Brave accuses Google of using ‘hopelessly vague’ privacy policies that breach GDPR

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) received a complaint that Google breached one of the General Data Protection Regulation’s principles regarding consent. The principle requires companies to provide a specific reason for collecting and processing personal data. In the complaint, Brave, a Chromium-based browser, claims that Google’s privacy policy infringes

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21 Jan 2020

What Do You Think About Artificial Intelligence? The Pentagon’s AI Center Wants to Know.

Officials from the Pentagon’s nascent center devoted to artificial intelligence research stated that they will be funding a study on what people’s perceptions of developing technology is. The center stated that they’ll be particularly interested in the opinions of members of the software engineering, defense, and aerospace communities. A proposed

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03 Jan 2020

TikTok Banned By U.S. Army Over China Security Concerns

Amid worries over the security threat, the popular app TikTok poses to the United States, the US has banned US Army officials from using the app. TikTok is currently under scrutiny for its close relationship with the Chinese government, and backlash has caused the US government to reconsider its employees’

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13 Dec 2019

Over 70% of Chinese citizens worry about data leaks through facial recognition

The use of facial recognition technology for identity checks has become routine in Chinese universities, shopping malls, zoos, and other public areas. The rapid increase in the use of facial recognition in China has been met with growing concerns over data security and leaks. A recent survey of 6,100 Chinese

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12 Feb 2019

AI & Data: Avoiding The Gotchas

Research on artificial intelligence has highlighted the importance of quality data: a machine learning device is “only as smart as the data it’s allowed to cull through,” after all. So, how do you mitigate the risks posed to AI development by bad data? Forbes offers a couple of strategies. First,

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