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Judge Upholds Privacy Lawsuit Against Google

A judge has upheld a lawsuit brought against Google in June of 2020 alleging that the tech giant has violated consumer privacy by failing to halt the gathering of personal data when users turn off data collection or operate in “incognito mode” when browsing the internet. According to the complaint, Google tracks and collects browsing history and web activity despite safeguards put in place to protect consumer rights and privacy.

Google Tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, website plug-ins, mobile apps, the Google sign-in button for websites, and other applications continue to operate as normal even when consumers take measures to protect their identity when browsing the internet. Google advises consumers to launch a browser in private browsing mode when they wish to prevent their information from being shared with the tech giant. However, the aforementioned steps do not operate as promised, according to the complaint. Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. requested for the case to be dismissed, however, last Friday a US District Judge ruled against throwing the case out.

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