23 Sep 2022

UK mini-budget shakes the stock market, benefits the wealthy

A new mini-budget has been unveiled in the British parliament that intends to cut taxes and energy bills while driving economic growth. This is the most significant tax cut since 1972. The new finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng proposed the new budget and it will see cuts to national insurance, stamp

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20 May 2022

Rwanda expects first 50 asylum seekers transferred from UK by end of May

Rwanda is expecting to receive the first group of 50 asylum seekers from Britain by the end of May. The British government had announced plans in April to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda, but lawyers were expected to prevent their removal from Britain earlier this month.  The British government

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22 Feb 2021

Britain’s leader outlines a cautious plan to reopen England.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain, is expected to confirm on Monday that March 8 will see the reopening of schools and people will be allowed to socialize outdoors on March 29. These reopening plans come after a highly contagious variant of the coronavirus prompted a nationwide lockdown. A successful

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22 Dec 2020

Britain, stuck in COVID-19 isolation, strives to lift France’s freight ban

On Tuesday, much of the world blocked Britons from traveling due to a highly infectious new coronavirus strain. This has also completely shut down one of Europe’s most crucial trade routes. The developments come just days before the Brexit date, causing political panic. Lines of trucks carrying important goods currently

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04 Dec 2020

Britain assembles a new cyber force of soldiers and spies

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain, announced on November 19 that the country would be investing in its biggest defense venture since the Thatcher era. The funding, roughly $8.7 billion, will go towards a new program that seeks to combine its intelligence forces and push technological advancements within the military.

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07 Oct 2020

Post-Brexit Digital Economy at Risk After EU Court Ruling

In the UK, the digital economy is at high risk following a European Union court ruling stating that bulk collection or retention regimes in the UK, France, and Belgium must be brought within EU law. This will either force the UK to modify its mass surveillance regime or face consequences

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20 Feb 2020

The Triple Threat Of Terrorism In The U.K.: Will Emergency Legislation Work?

Sudesh Amman was convicted of stabbing a man and woman in broad daylight while counter-terrorism officers watched. The act of terrorism made Amman the second offender in the Uk to go on to commit a terrorist attack after being previously released from jail after serving a half-sentence. After the incident,

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21 Jun 2018

UK releases Brexit residency rules for EU citizens

The UK has released plans for one of the most contentious elements of Brexit, the residency rules for EU citizens. The new system details the options for the over 3 million EU citizens currently residing in the country and promises to make an easy transition to residency under the new

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04 Jun 2018

Britain revising security strategy to counter evolving terror threats

Responding to the reduction in radicalization time, the transition of radicalization to the domain of the internet, and the use of legal tools in attacks, Britain is adjusting its security strategy. This adjustment will revamp its interaction with technology and information sharing, while working to strengthen ties with businesses.  The

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