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UK releases Brexit residency rules for EU citizens

The UK has released plans for one of the most contentious elements of Brexit, the residency rules for EU citizens. The new system details the options for the over 3 million EU citizens currently residing in the country and promises to make an easy transition to residency under the new system. “Throughout, we will be looking to grant, not for reasons to refuse,” said the Home Secretary of the proposed settlement plan. Under this plan, EU citizens who have lived in the country continuously for five years will receive “settled” status, along with their family members. Those who have not met the residency criteria will be granted “pre-settled” status until they meet the 5-year settlement parameter. “Serious” criminals will not be eligible for the scheme. There are still no plans for British nationals living in the EU. 

Source: We want to say yes – UK unveils Brexit residency rules for EU citizens | Reuters

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