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Post-Brexit Digital Economy at Risk After EU Court Ruling

In the UK, the digital economy is at high risk following a European Union court ruling stating that bulk collection or retention regimes in the UK, France, and Belgium must be brought within EU law. This will either force the UK to modify its mass surveillance regime or face consequences at the hand of the EU. The ruling was declared a victory by Privacy International, who pushed the case against British law enforcement after the government argued that EU privacy laws are not applicable in cases of national security. The new ruling has determined, however, that this is not the case.

UK businesses and the digital economy face a tumultuous few months ahead, due to the UK’s mass surveillance law that allows for the general and indiscriminate data collection on citizens will very few safeguards. The law is called the Investigatory Powers Act and is occasionally referred to as “Snooper’s Charter” for its lack of regulations. Some UK figures have spoken out in agreeance with the ruling, claiming that mass surveillance in Britain is an abuse of power and evades EU laws.

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