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Britain’s leader outlines a cautious plan to reopen England.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain, is expected to confirm on Monday that March 8 will see the reopening of schools and people will be allowed to socialize outdoors on March 29. These reopening plans come after a highly contagious variant of the coronavirus prompted a nationwide lockdown. A successful vaccination campaign with 17million people injected with their first doses and a steep decline in new cases and hospital admissions allowed for this announcement. Mr. Johnson wanted this lockdown to be the last for the nation. 

Pubs, restaurants, retail shops and gyms will remain closed for at least another month, meaning that daily life will not change very much for millions of people. Mr. Johnson stated that the reopening process will be cautious to not undo the progress achieved thus far. The plan is expected to be presented to parliament Monday afternoon and to the nation Monday evening in a news conference. 

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