31 Jan 2019

Apple knocks Facebook with shutdown over app privacy flap

Once again, Facebook has been caught up in a privacy-related scandal of sorts. However, this time Facebook was reprimanded not by a regulatory body, but by another tech firm. Apple is preventing Facebook from offering its Facebook Research app to iPhone users, citing a “clear breach” of Facebook’s agreement with the

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29 Jan 2019

Disable FaceTime Now! Bug Lets Callers Snoop On You Without Permission

FaceTime users may want to turn off the app on their iOS device to prevent threat actors from spying on them. Apple is preparing an out-of-bound patch for a major iOS security flaw affecting FaceTime. The bug allows callers to tune in to the audio and video feeds from the microphone and

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24 Jan 2019

Apple Patches Dozens of Vulnerabilities in iOS, macOS

Apple has released security patches and other fixes for a host of flaws affecting iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Safari and iCloud. Many of the 31 iOS patches fixed arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities affecting various features including Bluetooh, FaceTime and Kernel. Other iOS security flaws that were addressed could have enabled

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19 Oct 2018

New Apple Portal Lets Customers Download All Their Data

“Apple users can now download a copy of their data through the tech company’s revamped privacy portal, TechCrunch reports. This privacy portal is already available for European citizens, as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation law went into effect in May of this year. However, it is not available for every region

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05 Oct 2018

Report: China Used Tiny Chips to Infiltrate the U.S. Supply Chain

“Tiny surveillance microchips, produced by Chinese company SuperMicro, were placed inside hardware within data centers used by Apple, Amazon and other large U.S. tech companies, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. The chips were allegedly used to gather information like trade secrets and intellectual property. According to the report, 30 U.S. companies were affected, but no consumer data was

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17 Sep 2018

The New Apple Watch Is Going to Have More of Your Health Data Than Your Doctor

The recently announced Series 4 version of the Apple Watch will feature a hospital-grade electrocardiogram that will track user heart health over time and support an export-to-PDF functionality in order to share the information with the owner’s doctor. This shift is repositioning the device into a growing healthcare-wearable tech market

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10 Sep 2018

Apple Building Portal For Law Enforcement Data Requests

Apple has detailed a number of new tools under development for cooperation with law enforcement, including a new portal where officials can submit and track data requests. The portal will require “authentication credentials” and is scheduled for operation by year end 2018. The new tools are allegedly responses to a

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