12 Aug 2019

Repurposing Mac Malware Not Difficult, Researcher Shows

New research by Patrick Wardle, a Mac security researcher at Jamf, shows that it is relatively easy for skilled threat actors to repurpose known malware and to make sure that signature-based security solutions will no longer detect it. While writing powerful malware from scratch is a significant undertaking, it is

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12 Aug 2019

Warning As Macs Remotely Hacked By Malicious iPhone Cable On Sale For $200

A security researcher has begun selling malicious iPhone Lightning cables that can provide attackers with remote access to Apple computers. The cables, which cost $200 each, look and function just like original Apple USB cables, except that they contain a wireless implant that can be remotely accessed by an attacker

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09 Aug 2019

Hackers Can Break Into an iPhone Just by Sending a Text

iPhone users could have their device compromised by attackers just by receiving a malicious iMessage, research by Google Project Zero shows. The attack is possible because Apple’s iOS iMessage client contains what the researchers refer to as “interaction-less” vulnerabilities that can be exploited without any involvement of the user. According

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30 Jul 2019

Apple contractors ‘regularly hear confidential details’ on Siri recordings

Apple lets contractors listen to “a small portion of Siri requests” in order to “improve Siri and dictation,” the company acknowledged after a whistleblower working for the tech giant reported that Apple contractors routinely hear highly sensitive information that was accidentally recorded by the digital assistant. While Siri should only

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11 Jul 2019

Apple Updates Millions Of Macs After Dangerous Webcam Hijack Risk Exposed

In a nearly unprecedented move, Apple has rolled out an automated update that addresses a previously disclosed flaw affecting a legitimate application. The update fixes a vulnerability in the Zoom video-conferencing software for macOS that put up to 4 million users at risk. Earlier this week, a security researcher discovered

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10 Jul 2019

Zoom Zero-Day Bug Opens Mac Users to Webcam Hijacking

A security researcher has uncovered a critical flaw in Zoom video-conferencing software for macOS that puts up to 4 million users at risk. The zero-day flaw, tracked as CVE-2019–13450, can enable threat actors to hijack the webcam of users running the vulnerable software. In order to exploit the vulnerability, an attacker

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26 Jun 2019

Cybercriminals leverage malicious Office docs, Mac malware, web app exploits

A new Watchguard report shows that malware detections rose by 62% between Q4 of 2018 and Q1 of this year. The study also found that macOS malware is a growing threat, with two strains making the top 10 of most common malware in Q1 2019. Attacks on web applications are

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18 Jun 2019

Security firm claims it can unlock any iPhone

Security firm Cellebrite claims it has found a way to unlock iPhones and other devices running iOS 7 to iOS 12.3. The company says that it can “bypass or determine locks and perform a full file system extraction” by using “sophisticated algorithms to minimize unlock attempts.” The Israeli company is

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06 Jun 2019

Researchers Finds Thousands of iOS Apps Ignoring Security

A new report by Wandera shows that two in three iOS app developers are knowingly violating an Apple mandate to add end-to-end encryption to their applications. In an attempt to ensure the security of iOS apps, Apple has built the App Transport Security (ATS) feature into the Swift development platform.

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05 Jun 2019

Experts weigh in on Apple’s private sign-in feature

At the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the company announced a new feature called “Sign in with Apple,” which is supposed to provide Apple users with a privacy-friendly alternative to the popular Login with Facebook and Sign in with Google options that many websites offer. While the Facebook and Google

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