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iPhone, Pixel And Galaxy Smartphones Silently Compromised By $5 Hack

Samsung has reportedly joined iPhone and Pixel by introducing a new secure element chip to the Galaxy S20, bringing new hardware to the sensitive smartphone data storage party. However, Samsung, Apple, and Google are all being targeted by advanced hacking technology according to security researchers. A paper and supporting videos have been published by researchers showing how the smartphone voice assistants can be controlled by commands that are inaudible to human ears.

The group of smartphone developers were targeted by a group of researchers from various universities, and the team was able to hack the smartphone voice control systems through solid objects using ultrasonic waves. The team focused on Apple’s Siri, the Google Assistant, and the Samsung’s Bixby across a total of 17 different models from different manufacturers. The researchers were able to successfully unlock and then read out SMS two-factor passcodes and make calls.

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