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An Israel-U.S. Merger Creates An Apple Hacking Powerhouse For The Feds

Attorney General William Barr has criticized Apple for their disengagement in the FBI investigation of the Pensacola Navy Base Shooter. Apple has refused to unlock iPhones belonging to the perpetrator, claiming that it would set a dangerous precedent of the tech giant. However, a recent merger between two digital forensics providers promises to create an alternative for the FBI’s hacking needs.

Cellebrite, the world’s biggest computer and phone forensics provider, has recently acquired BlackBag Technologies, permitting the two companies to extract data from Windows, iOS, and Andriod. Cellebrite has built its company on being able to break into phones for law enforcement agencies while BlackBag has a partnership with Grayshift, a US company that can break into many versions of the iPhone. This may bring three of the leading companies in the sector together, allowing the FBI to continue with their investigation using Cellebrite’s services rather than Apple’s.

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