14 Sep 2021

Apple Releases Urgent Patch Following Discovery of Pegasus Spyware

This week, Apple released an urgent update that mitigates a critical vulnerability exploited by the Pegasus mobile software. The flaw, which is tracked as CVE-2021-30860, was first discovered by security researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab when analyzing the iPhone of a Saudi activist who had been targeted

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06 Aug 2021

Researchers Find Significant Vulnerabilities in macOS Privacy Protections

Researchers have uncovered significant vulnerabilities in macOS privacy protection. According to researchers Csaba Fitzl and Wojciech Regula with Offensive Security and SecuRing respectively, applications that are allowed to run on Apple’s operating system can exceed the permissions granted to them by the user. This allows for potential privacy attacks, such

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27 Jul 2021

Time to update your iPhone as Apple fixes ‘actively exploited’ zero day flaw

Apple released a fix for a previously undisclosed flaw that appears to have been actively exploited. The patch pertains to iPad iOS 14.7.1 and iOS 14.7.1. The company also released macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 to address the same issue, however, this one lies in a common Apple kernel extension called

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20 May 2021

Apple Exec Calls Level of Mac Malware ‘Unacceptable’

Apple is using the threat of attacks as a defense mechanism in a case brought against the firm by Epic Games after a dispute involving the latter’s hit game, Fortnite. Apple made the decision to remove Fortnite from the Apple Store, claiming that it was circumventing developer fees required by

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05 May 2021

Apple Issues Patches for Webkit Security Flaws

Apple has released security updates for vulnerabilities under active attack and affecting multiple products, including iOS, WatchOS, and iPadOS. The patches fix WebKit flaws that can be exploited by threat actors by utilizing maliciously crafted web content that ultimately leads to arbitrary code execution, according to Apple. The statement released

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28 Apr 2021

Apple Patches Zero-Day MacOS Bug That Can Bypass Anti-Malware Defenses

Apple has released a patch for a zero-day vulnerability in its macOS systems that could allow attackers to bypass anti-malware protections set in place. According to Apple, the notorious Mac threat Shlayer adware dropper has already been exploiting the vulnerability for several months. Therefore, Apple urges its customers to implement

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26 Apr 2021

Study Shines a Light on Big Tech’s AI Investments

A study released earlier this week indicates that leading private sector tech companies’ investments in artificial intelligence do not ensure that the field will remain competitive. The study was conducted by the Center for Security and Emerging Technology, aiming to map the research agendas of tech giants Apple, Amazon, Facebook,

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23 Apr 2021

REvil’s Big Apple Ransomware Gambit Looks to Pay Off

The REvil ransomware gang recently made headlines for targeting tech giant Apple in a ransomware scheme initially launched against Quanta, a global manufacturer of electronics who claims Apple among its customers. REvil allegedly compromise Quanta’s systems and was able to access sensitive information pertaining to Apple’s schematics, threatening to release

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25 Mar 2021

ProtonVPN CEO Blasts Apple for ‘Aiding Tyrants’ in Myanmar

Andy Yen, the CEO of ProtonVPN, has put Apple on blast for allegedly rejecting a security update necessary to protect human-rights abuse evidence. Yen claims that Apple is “aiding tyrants” by not protecting the protestor’s best interests in Myanmar amid bloody and violent clashes. Yen released a blog post discussing

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15 Mar 2021

Apple Sues Employee for Stealing Trade Secrets

A former Apple employee faces a lawsuit from the tech giant after the company claimed the employee sold or leaked trade secrets to a media outlet for over a year, seeking personal gain. According to Apple, Simon Lancaster abused his position to access information outside of his scope, then exchanging

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