14 Dec 2022

Apple Plans to Allow External iOS Apps in Potential Boon for Crypto, NFTs

Apple’s “walled garden” ecosystem design has enabled it to take up to a 30% cut of iOS app and service sales, to the frustration of users and creators alike. But a new report suggests that Apple is planning to open up its ecosystem—a move that may benefit apps built around

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25 Oct 2022

Apple tightens its rules on crypto and NFTs in its App Store

Apple clarified its rules on cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) laying out what apps are allowed to do with these technologies. On crypto exchanges, Apple said in updated App Store rules on Monday, that apps may facilitate “transactions or transmissions of cryptocurrency on an approved exchange.” But the app can only

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02 Sep 2022

Apple Quietly Releases Another Patch for Zero-Day RCE Bug

Apple has released more updates to patch a remote-code execution flaw that is being actively exploited. The vulnerability was patched earlier this month in newer devices. However, the Wednesday update, iOS 12.5.6 now makes it possible to patch iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2,

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24 Aug 2022

Ex-Apple engineer pleads guilty to stealing Apple’s car secrets

Former Apple employee Xiolang Zhang has plead guilty to stealing trade secrets about Apple’s autonomous vehicle project last Monday in a federal court located in San Jose. Zhang was charged by the FBI in 2018 for allegedly stealing the secrets while preparing to work for Xiaopeng Motors, a Chinese electric

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22 Aug 2022

iPhone Users Urged to Update to Patch 2 Zero-Days

Apple has urged macOS, iPhone, and iPad users to immediately install updates this week that include security updates for two zero-days that are actively under attack, according to the company. The patches fix vulnerabilities that allow attackers to execute arbitrary code and take over devices. The flaws lie in the

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08 Jul 2022

Apple Announces ‘Lockdown Mode’ to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Workers From Spyware

On Wednesday, Apple announced a slew of new iPhone security features it calls “Lockdown Mode” aimed to protect journalists and human rights workers from spyware. Lockdown Mode will be available in the fall of this year and offer iPhone users a number of new security features, including blocking message attachment

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01 Jun 2022

Apple to shift iPad capacity to Vietnam amid China supply chain woes

For the first time ever Apple is moving some iPad production out of China and shifting it to Vietnam after strict COVID lockdowns in and around Shanghai led to months of supply chain disruptions, Nikkei Asia has learned. The U.S. company has also asked multiple component suppliers to build up their

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09 May 2022

Microsoft, Apple and Google Team Up on Passwordless Standard

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have teamed up to support the FIDO Alliance and World Wide Web Consortium (W3B) standard, which will eventually make it easier for websites and apps to deliver end-to-end authentication through passwordless methods, such as fingerprints, face scans, or device pins. All three companies have already supported

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04 Apr 2022

iOS 15.4.1 Update Now Warning Issued To All iPhone Users

Apple has issued a security update for iOS devices, along with a warning to update as soon as possible. The new update, iOS 15.4.1, comes with a security fix for a major issue that is already being leveraged by adversaries to attack iPhones. Although Apple did not provide much detail

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28 Mar 2022

Google and Apple close loophole that was letting Russians use payment services

In 2014 Russia annexed Crimea and NATO nations retaliated with economic sanctions. This prompted the Central Bank of Russia to establish Mir cards, a national payment system linked to 150 banks in the Russian Federation. Cut to eight years later, another invasion, this time of Ukraine itself. Even stronger sanctions

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