13 Feb 2015

Google’s Vint Cerf warns of ‘digital Dark Age’

“Vint Cerf, a ‘father of the internet’, says he is worried that all the images and documents we have been saving on computers will eventually be lost. Currently a Google vice-president, he believes this could occur as hardware and software become obsolete. He fears that future generations will have little

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07 Feb 2015

Why the US Government Is Terrified of Hobbyist Drones

“The officials played videos of low-cost drones firing semi-automatic weapons, revealed that Syrian rebels are importing consumer-grade drones to launch attacks, and flashed photos from an exercise that pitted $5,000 worth of drones against a convoy of armored vehicles. (The drones won.) But the most striking visual aid was on

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26 Jan 2015

Greek F-16 crashes in Spain during NATO exercise, killing 10

“Ten people died Monday after a Greek air force F-16 jet crashed at a base in Los Llanos in southeastern Spain, authorities said. Eight were French military personnel, and two were Greek pilots, a senior Spanish defense official told CNN.” (Source: Greek F-16 crashes in Spain during NATO exercise, killing

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24 Jan 2015

Pentagon agency wants drones to hunt in packs, like wolves

“The U.S. military is preparing for a series of meetings that could shake up how the Pentagon flies its fleet of drone aircraft and move them toward hunting together in packs. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will host the gatherings in March for its Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment

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14 Jan 2015

Artificial Intelligence will be central to US Sixth Generation Fighter

“Artificial intelligence will likely feature prominently onboard the Pentagon’s next-generation successors to the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. ‘AI is going to be huge,’ said one U.S. Navy official familiar with the service’s F/A-XX effort to replace the Super Hornet starting around 2030” (Source: Next

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19 Dec 2014

Bots Now Outnumber Humans on the Web

“Today, bots account for 56 percent of all of website visits, says Marc Gaffan, CEO of Incapsula, a company that sells online security services. Incapsula recently an an analysis of 20,000 websites to get a snapshot of part of the web, and on smaller websites, it found that bot traffic

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03 Nov 2014

China unveils laser drone defence system

“China has developed a highly accurate laser weapon system that can shoot down light drones at low altitude, state media reported. The machine has a 1.2-mile range and can bring down ‘various small aircraft’ within five seconds of locating its target, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing a statement

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22 Oct 2014

Hungary plans new tax on Internet traffic, public calls for rally

“Hungary plans to impose a new tax on Internet data transfers, a draft 2015 tax bill submitted to parliament late on Tuesday showed, in a move that could hit Internet and telecoms providers and their customers hard. The draft tax code contains a provision for Internet providers to pay a

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06 Oct 2014

Watch the developer become god in this precursor to the Metaverse

“Brian Peiris built a live-coding web app for the Oculus Rift that lets you manipulate your virtual 3D environment in real-time. Sure, it’s just a bunch of simple manipulation of geometry for now, but it’s clearly a precursor to where the technology could take us: a metaverse where citizens of

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07 Jul 2014

New Artificial Intelligence Technology Will Threaten Survival of Humankind

“Physicist and author of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution, Louis Del Monte, believes that new artificial intelligence technology will threaten the survival of humankind, and in 30 years, probably, the top species on our planet, Earth, will not be humans.” Source:New Artificial Intelligence Technology Will Threaten Survival of Humankind: Louis Del

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