21 Sep 2022

Uganda declares Ebola outbreak after one person dies

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization confirmed that Uganda has declared an outbreak of Ebola after a case of the Sudan strain was confirmed in the country. The Sudan strain is relatively rare and was identified in a 24-year-old man in the Mubende district. Health authorities in Uganda identified the

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10 Aug 2021

Guinea confirms West Africa’s first case of rare, Ebola-like Marburg virus disease

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported yesterday that a patient in Guinea with a highly infectious Marburg virus disease has passed away. This marks the first case of the Ebola-like virus in West Africa. Samples of the virus were taken from the patient, who was treated in Gueckedou. The disease

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08 Feb 2021

Ebola Resurfaces in Previous Epidemic Zone of Congo, WHO Says

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a statement confirming that a deceased woman was found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and has tested positive for the infectious and deadly Ebola virus. The DRC declared a previous Ebola outbreak to be over in June, according to the

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26 Jan 2021

U.K. Coronavirus Variant Probed for Increased Risk to Younger People

In the UK, doctors have noticed a significant change in the demographics of people receiving medical treatment for Covid-19. In critical care units, more young people and women with serious cases of Covid-19 began to come in. The virus so far has proved to hit older patients and men the

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22 Dec 2020

North Korea’s Economy Hit Harder Than It Has Been in Decades

North Korea is faring worse economically than over the past several decades due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. North Korea enacted harsh measures from the very beginning, seeking to halt the virus entirely before outbreaks got out of control. However, this dealt a brutal blow to its already

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25 Aug 2020

Researchers Report Covid-19 Reinfection in Hong Kong

On Monday, scientists from the University of Hong Kong published a paper to the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal documenting a patient who was infected by the COVID-19 virus twice. This represents the first case of COVID-19 reinfection, leading researchers to believe that patients who have recovered from the virus are

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27 Jul 2020

After Early Success, South Africa Buckles Under Coronavirus Surge

South Africa took early preventative measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the country, however, the country is now battling one of the worst outbreaks in the world at the moment. The current outbreak is the world’s fastest-growing currently, and is overpowering hospitals. The outbreak has also caused a

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13 Jul 2020

New study suggests virus immunity is shortlived

A new study conducted by King’s College London found that the COVID-19 immunity may last just months, rather than the previously held misconception that the virus could only be contracted once. The study comes as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson declares that it is important to wear masks in shops

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19 Jun 2020

Coronavirus was already in Italy by December, waste water study finds

Italian officials say that the COVID-19 virus was present in the country in December, after the National Institute of Health stated that water from Milan and Turin showed genetic traces of the virus on December 18. This adds to the increasing amount of evidence that the virus has been circulating

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16 Jun 2020

Global Coronavirus Infections Pass Eight Million

Across the globe, more than eight million people have been infected by COVID-19, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University. Nearly 437,000 have died worldwide since the virus was formally detected in January. The US has seen at least 2.11 million infections and 116,000 deaths. The FDA has recently

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