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New study suggests virus immunity is shortlived

A new study conducted by King’s College London found that the COVID-19 immunity may last just months, rather than the previously held misconception that the virus could only be contracted once. The study comes as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson declares that it is important to wear masks in shops as the UK opens up beauty salons, bars, and other unessential locations.

Across the rest of the world, Mexico has surpassed Italy in COVID-19 deaths, ranking fourth after the US, Brazil, and Russia. Scotland has recorded no new deaths for the fifth day in a row as its neighboring countries begin to fully open up. In the West Bank, a curfew has been imposed by the Palestinian Authority. Across the world, there have been 12.9 million confirmed cases since the outbreak began to take notice in January, and 568,000 have died from the virus or complications relating to the virus.

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