07 May 2021

China’s trade surged in April as overseas demand heats up

Trade in China extended its impressive performance with exports accelerating and import growth hitting a decade high in April. Stalled factory production in other countries hit by coronavirus have increased demand for goods made in China. Exports surged 32.2% in terms of dollars from a year earlier. 30.6 percent growth

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30 Dec 2020

Coinbase to Suspend XRP Trading Following SEC Suit Against Ripple

On Tuesday, January 19 cryptocurrency trading firm Coinbase plans to fully suspend trading of XRP, the currency in which the US Securities and Exchange Commission sued Ripple Labs over last week. Coinbase first listed XRP on its retail platforms in February of this year. However, after just under a year

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10 Dec 2020

China Responds in Latest Sanctions Tit-for-Tat With U.S. Over Hong Kong

On Monday of this week, the US ramped up sanctions on China, placing 14 senior Chinese officials on sanctions blacklists. However, China has responded by revoking visa exemptions for US diplomatic passport holders in both Hong Kong and Macau. China also stated that it planned to impose other sanctions against

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08 Dec 2020

Covert Chinese Trade With North Korea Moves Into the Open

According to US officials, China is skirting around sanctions placed on North Korea and is no longer trying to hide smuggling activity. The Trump administration believes the move is representative of China trying to help Pyongyang endure the US’s pressure campaign. According to US officials, North Korean vessels have delivered

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03 Nov 2020

Ant IPO Postponed by Shanghai Stock Exchange

Today, the Shanghai Stock Exchange released a statement postponing the initial public offering of Ant Group Co. The restriction comes just a day after the company’s controlling seller, Jack Ma, was summoned by four regulatory agencies to attend a closed-door meeting. The undercover meeting with regulators and changing the regulatory

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25 Sep 2020

India Seeks Naval Edge as China Penetrates Indian Ocean

India and China have recently been battling over a disputed border in the Himalayas called the Line of Actual Control. Although the two countries have allegedly obtained peace at the border after entering into an agreement, tensions have increased as China occupies the Indian Ocean. India is looking for an

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16 Sep 2020

WTO Finds Some U.S. Tariffs on China Violate Trade Rules

On Tuesday, the World Trade Organization ruled that several US tariffs against China break international trading rules. This conclusion not only exacerbates US-WTO tensions but will likely not result in any consequence or significant change in US tariff policy due to the ineffectiveness of the organization’s appellate system. The WTO

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15 Jul 2020

China vows to retaliate after Trump ends special economic status

China has promised to retaliate against the US following a bold move that ended Hong Kong’s preferential trade status. US President Donald Trump also moved to impose sanctions on officials who crackdown on rights within the new region under China’s controversial security law. President Trump stated that this security law

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19 May 2020

A US-China trade war is the last thing the world economy needs now

As the global economy suffers as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, the pandemic has also renewed tensions between the US and China, creating instability in what was already a fragile truce on trade between two of the biggest world economies. The pandemic has left the global economy in

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16 Apr 2020

The Latest Chinese Supply Chain Restrictions And Its Impact To The Telco Industry

China and the US have been fighting over trade deals since the beginning of 2018. The US has placed restrictions on the Chinese company Huawei, limiting its ability to purchase necessary components from US manufacturers for many of its products. The US has also been concerned about the national security

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