17 Jan 2020

U.S. and China Face a Steep Climb to Meet Trade Goals

The aggressive schedule for ramping up China’s purchase of American products laid out in the US-China trade deal will be very difficult for China to achieve over the next several years. The increase totals $200 billion over the next two years and leaves the two countries contemplating whether China can

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10 Dec 2019

World trade without rules? US shuts down WTO appeals court

The World Trade Organization was shut down on Tuesday at midnight, as the terms of two of the last three judges of the appellate body ended. Their departure effectively deprives the de facto Supreme Court of world trade of its ability to issue rulings, leaving the court to face what

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04 Dec 2019

China capex growth hits three-year low as weak economy, trade war drag

Capital investment by Chinese firms has reached its slowest pace in three years amid the Hong Kong protests. Factors contributing to this lack of capital investment include a weakening economy, tight credit, and ongoing trade war with the US, resulting in dented sales growth and cash reserves. Analysts expect the

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11 Nov 2019

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng has its worst day in months as violence escalates

Escalating levels of violence and protest in Hong Kong have had a great effect on the stock market, which suffered a drop of more than 2.6% over the past weekend. This is the lowest percentage decline in a single day in over three months. Hong Kong is currently experiencing its

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