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India Seeks Naval Edge as China Penetrates Indian Ocean

India and China have recently been battling over a disputed border in the Himalayas called the Line of Actual Control. Although the two countries have allegedly obtained peace at the border after entering into an agreement, tensions have increased as China occupies the Indian Ocean. India is looking for an asymmetric response, putting on a display of its naval power and openly cooperating with other democracies and western countries that aim to counter China’s aspirations.

Indian navy official Adm. Arun Prakash stated that tensions at the northern border will not improve past a stalemate, however, India has an advantage over the Chinese in the Indian Ocean due to its strong naval power. India may soon interfere with Chinese imports such as energy supplies, and exports such as goods shipments abroad. With China already suffering economically from COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, trade interference could cripple the country’s financial wellbeing.

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