11 Mar 2020

Microsoft March 2020 Patch Tuesday Fixes 115 Vulnerabilities

Today Microsoft released its monthly Patch Tuesday security update, publishing fixes for 115 vulnerabilities in Microsoft products. Of the 115, 24 of the vulnerabilities are classified as Critical while 88 are classified as Important. Experts advise users to install these security updates as soon as possible to mitigate possible security

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24 Feb 2020

PayPal ‘Critical’ Login Hack: New Report Warns You Are Now At Risk From Thieves

Over the past few weeks, PayPal has been hit with several cybersecurity incidents, including an authentication hack earlier this month in which an attacker could access an account once credentials had been phished, effectively bypassing the online payment giant’s authentication. Now, a new security report claims that PayPal’s entire authentication

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14 Feb 2020

Voting App Flaws Could Have Let Hackers Manipulate Results

Two US states, West Virginia and Oregon have recently begun using a mobile voting app called Voatz to facilitate and simplify absentee voting. However, researchers have recently discovered major security flaws in the app. Experts and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found a vulnerability that could allow hackers to manipulate

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04 Feb 2020

Missile Engineer Arrested After Taking Secret Info to China

The FBI announced that they have arrested a US defense contractor employee who worked at Raytheon for taking classified information with him on an undisclosed trip to China. China-born Arizona resident Wei Sun worked for Raytheon for over 10 years as an electrical engineer, working on Raytheon’s missile systems program.

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02 Dec 2019

In face of China threat, Taiwan to invite U.S. experts to bolster defenses

Amid the Hong Kong protests, Taiwan plans to get advice from US military experts on improving the defense capabilities of Taiwan. Taiwan views China as a growing threat to their sovereignty, as democratic Taiwan is already claimed by China as a territory. However, Taiwan’s current military strength pales in comparison

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