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Missile Engineer Arrested After Taking Secret Info to China

The FBI announced that they have arrested a US defense contractor employee who worked at Raytheon for taking classified information with him on an undisclosed trip to China. China-born Arizona resident Wei Sun worked for Raytheon for over 10 years as an electrical engineer, working on Raytheon’s missile systems program. Sun had access to data on highly classified and regulated military technology.

Sun transported this data, which requires an export license to take out of the country, knowingly and willfully to China in December of 2018, according to the FBI. The FBI claims that Sun was warned by his manager that taking his work laptop would contravene company policy and federal law. While Sun was in China, he emailed Raytheon a resignation letter from the same laptop, stating that he wanted to work overseas. Sun initially stated that he had taken the information on Raytheon’s ballistic missile defense system to Singapore and the Philippines, but it was later discovered that Sun had taken it to China, Cambodia and Hong Kong as well.

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