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Data Breach at Panasonic

The Panasonic Corporation has confirmed that it suffered from a security incident in which an unknown amount of data was accessed by an unauthorized third party and therefore compromised. The Japanese multinational conglomerate announced last Friday that a third party had gained access to its network on November 11. The company launched an internal investigation that determined the cyber attacker was able to access some data stored on a file server. The nature of the data, how sensitive it was, and how much data was compromised remains unclear. Panasonic has employed a specialist third-party organization to conduct a second investigation into the incident and provide more clarity.

Panasonic stated that upon discovering the instruction, it immediately reported the incident to relevant authorities and implemented security countermeasures. Japanese news outlets Mainichi and NHK reported that the data breach went on for four months, beginning on June 22. NHK also claimed that sensitive data pertaining to partners, customers, and employees was exposed in the incident. However, these claims have not been verified by the company itself.

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