15 Jan 2020

U.N. Weathers Storm of Emotet-TrickBot Malware

Emotet malware operators have recently targeted the United Nations personnel in an attack that aimed to deliver the TrickBot trojan malware. Researchers at Confense stated that a phishing campaign fraudulently representing the Permanent Mission of Norway has taken place over the last several days. The emails were sent to 600

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15 Jan 2020

Texas School District Loses $2.3m in Phishing Raid

A Texas school district, Manor Independent School, has been hit by a series of phishing attacks that posed a serious financial threat to the district, costing the entity an estimated $2.3 million. The scam is being investigated by the US FBI, who is encouraging anyone with information regarding the incident

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07 Jan 2020

Microsoft Phishing Scam Exploits Iran Cyberattack Scare

An attackers used the possible Iranian cyberattack warning in a phishing scheme that tries to collect Microsoft login credentials. As the threat of a cyberattack coming from Iran escalates, the government has been issuing warnings to citizens and officials. The attacker created an email phishing scam that pretends to be

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03 Jan 2020

US Coast Guard Sounds Alarm After Ransomware Attack

The Coast Gaurd recently revealed details of a ransomware attack in late December that caused Coast Gaurd employees to be on high alert over the holiday season. Authorities described the attack, stating that it had identified the use of Ryuk ransomware that entered the network of the facility via phishing

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02 Jan 2020

Change your password: Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange reveals data leak

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has enforced a password reset for all customers after it was impacted by a data leak. However, many users believed that the password reset email was a phishing attempt, where malicious actors send fraudulent emails disguised as legitimate companies to lure victims into submitting login credentials. The

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20 Dec 2019

Phishers prey on fans of latest Star Wars film

Researchers at Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company, have uncovered 65 malicious files disguised as copies of the Rise of Skywalker, the latest and final movie in the Star Wars trilogy, as well as over 30 phishing sites and media profiles posing as official movie accounts that distribute free copies of the

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18 Dec 2019

Industrial Cyber-Espionage Campaign Targets Hundreds of Companies

An advanced threat actor, nicknamed Gangnam Industrial Style, targeted hundreds of industrial companies across the globe, using a new version of an old info-stealer to extract sensitive data. The spear-phishing campaign comprises of malicious attachments disguised as PDF files, which drop Separ malware when clicked. Separe malware steals login data

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16 Dec 2019

Over 100 Phishing Sites Spotted in Global Government Campaign

According to the security vendor Anomali, sources of domains and over 120 phishing sites have been detected as involved with a major global campaign that is targeting government procurement services. Anomali stated that the credential harvesting campaign consisted of spoofed sites for international government departments as well as spoofed email

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03 Dec 2019

Report: ‘Smishing,’ Deepfakes to Continue to Rise in 2020

Experian, an American credit reporting company, published a 2020 data breach industry forecast that stated “smishing” or text-based phishing, would be the next danger to consumers and agencies. Following smishing is drones that steal customer data, disruptive deepfakes, hacktivism, and identity theft through mobile payment systems. The report claims that

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26 Nov 2019

They See You When You’re Shopping: Holiday Cybercrime Starts Early

This year, cybercriminal activity related to the holiday season has started earlier than was the case in previous years, researchers with Avira Protection Lab warn. In 2018, phishing rose by 61% during the September-December holiday shopping season. This year, phishing activity has been rising since July and in September the

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