03 Feb 2023

OpenSea serves as an example of why crypto security must improve

In February 2022, OpenSea fell prey to a major phishing attack that resulted in over $1.7 million in nonfungible tokens (NFTs) being stolen from users. It wasn’t the only incident: Blockchain users reportedly lost $3.9 billion to fraudulent activity in 2022 alone. As we entered 2023, there was a chorus of

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02 Feb 2023

Why do hackers target cryptocurrencies?

With more than 420 million cryptocurrency users, more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies worldwide and an estimated value of US$2.2bn by 2026, the digital currency marketplace is growing rapidly. This rapid growth, however, has made it a target for cyber attackers looking to defraud victims. With Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether having market caps

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01 Feb 2023

Microsoft’s Verified Publisher Status Abused in Email Theft Campaign

On Tuesday, Microsoft and cybersecurity firm Proofpoint warned that a threat actor had recently abused Microsoft’s verified publisher status to launch a campaign involving malicious OAuth applications. The warning stated that organizations using cloud services should be aware of the campaign, especially those in Ireland and the UK. Microsoft has

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31 Jan 2023

Here’s how to prevent NFT theft, according to industry professionals

As nonfungible tokens (NFTs) attract more users, they also capture the eyes of scammers. Bad actors in Web3 have set their sights on digital collectibles, with millions being lost through scams and various attacks. However, according to professionals working in the Web3 space, there are multiple ways and tools to prevent

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31 Jan 2023

Coinbase Wallet Adds Safety Features Following High-Profile NFT Scams

Coinbase says it is improving the safety and user experience of its Wallet app. The crypto firm announced a number of new features on Monday aimed at improving blockchain transparency and security for Wallet users, adding transaction previews, token approval alerts, a blocklist of flagged dApps, and a spam token

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24 Jan 2023

Zendesk Hacked After Employees Fall for Phishing Attack

Zendesk, a customer service solutions provider, has suffered from a data breach that occurred due to a SMS phishing attack launched against its employees. At least one employee fell for the phishing attack, enabling the attackers to steal the employee’s credentials. Last week, cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management company Coinigy

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09 Jan 2023

Hackers target cryptocurrency customers by impersonating well-known employee

Researchers at Division Seven, SafeGuard Inc.’s threat intelligence team today detailed how customers at a cryptocurrency firm they work with were targeted by a threat actor using a social engineering attack with a twist: The hackers were pretending to be a well-known employee. The investigation was launched following a report by

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06 Jan 2023

NHS is Most Scammed UK Government “Brand”

In the UK, the National Health Service topped the list of the government organizations most frequently impersonated in email scams, according to a recent report released by the National Cyber Security Centre. The report uses findings from the popular Suspicious Email Reporting Service, which received 6.4 million reports last year.

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05 Jan 2023

New Phishing Campaign Impersonates Flipper Zero to Target Cyber Professionals

Security researcher Dominic Alvieri raised the alarm on several social media accounts and fake websites claiming to sell the sough after hacking tool Flipper Zero. The fraudulent sites are designed to lure cybersecurity professionals into making cryptocurrency transactions. The type of phishing is known as angler phishing and is a

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29 Dec 2022

3Commas Admits It Was Source of API Leak That Led to Hacks

A group of traders last week said that $22 million worth of crypto had been stolen through compromised API keys from the trading platform 3Commas. On Wednesday, 3Commas admitted it was the source of that API leak. The announcement came after an anonymous Twitter user obtained around 100,000 API keys belonging

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